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Agonizing Emptiness

Agonizing Emptiness 4

Gone are those days

of unrelenting grins.

Gone are those moments

of sweet confidences.

Now bound by fear

of approaching vaccum.

Ephemeral talks,

as time rushes.

Skips the reasons for togetherness,

as new contentment lies with world.

Undue waiting

to regain life of bond.

Lost cognitivity,

anilioration turns out annihilation

calling up distrust.

Blurred mirage

in my deserted days,

that mourns on memories.

Mind is numbed,

tangled with riddles.

Daydreams vanished,

unnerving nightmares.

Mirror reflects

freezing images.

Hope,black turns red soon,

hope,fragrance filss air,

May venus bless us again,

to regain our mirth,

regaining us,

once again.

People have an apathetic trend of guiding others towards ecstasy by advising: Be Social, do what you like to do, go out more, make friends, and many more. But, if you agonize your emptiness, at first you have to understand few fundamental things.

  • Loneliness is a feeling not a fact.
  • You are not the only human being who is going through this.
  • It is not necessary that everyone will understand you.
  • It is okay if you are unable to express yourself.
  • The only one who can help you to get over this feeling is you, yourself.


Now, let’s discuss few easy things that will help you to get over this feeling of emptiness.

1.Change your daily routine

Yes, at first change your daily routine. If you observe and retrospect your daily routine, you will see, you do nothing at all. Change your daily routine, to something productive, which will involve your hobbies and other activities.

2.Start using journals

Agonizing Emptiness 5

It is not possible for someone who is going through a widespread feeling called loneliness, to socialize with others and even with family and friends. You can befriend a journal anytime, to keep notes of what exactly makes you feel sad, what plans you have, what changes you want in your life and how far you are working on it or to just simply make notes of your progress and appreciate yourself.

3. Write your heart out

Agonizing Emptiness 6

One thing that loneliness causes is Alexithymia, which means to not be able to express yourself verbally. The time when you feel like, you cannot talk, or you are unable to make the person in front of you understand what exactly you want to say. Just write it out, write every day. You will gradually see the change in yourself.

4. Be productive

Agonizing Emptiness 7

I know you have heard this thing a lot, from your parents and teachers. Just imagine starting your day with workout and a giant mug of coffee, then spending your entire day by reading your favourite book, or by drawing or writing something which you wanted to do for a long time, watching a Harry Potter movie, or F.R.I.E.N.D.S. Again, waking up the next day with that same energy.

5. Keep your room clean

It might sound strange but keeping your room clean actually help you get over any nature of bad feeling. Try to decorate your room with any kind of drawing which you have made or put up pictures or quotes on the wall that makes you happy and motivates you daily.

Those are the few easy steps that will help you distract yourself from the thoughts of loneliness. Now, let us see what more you can do to overcome this feeling.

1. Change your group:

It is not necessary that since, you have a giant group of friends, you do not need any one else. Or, you cannot be unhappy since you have so many people to talk to. When you are going through loneliness you should change yourself and everything around you for your own good. Try to talk to others, make friends through social media.

2. Talk to others, who feel like you:

Share your thoughts that make you feel unhappy and lonely, with the people who feel just the same as you do because they will have nothing to advise you. Let the sonder sink in. When you will start sharing your thoughts or your story with others, try to be a good listener as well. Listen to whatever they have to say and eventually you will realize that your thoughts and feelings are nothing in front of their thoughts and story.

3. Be kind to others:

It is not easy to stay in a good mood all the time but try to listen to others, help others through their problems. If you help others, be kind to them, talk to them in a generous manner you will realize that their happiness, their smile and the way they will greet you by saying, “Thank you” with a smile, it is making you smile as well. So, always be kind to others thus you are being kind to yourself.

4. Be curious about everything around you:

You have heard this lot that curiosity increases your knowledge. In order to distract you from those feeling of emptiness or loneliness try to be curious about everything. As in if you reading a book or you have attended a class on a particular novel, try to know more. Try to search about the author and his/her life and the situation in which they have written that particular novel or story. Thus, when you are curious about other subjects or topics you would not have the time to think about your feelings or loneliness that you are going through.

5. Focus on your needs and not on the sad thoughts:

Needs can be walking under a starry sky or going on a self date, or meeting a school friend who was your best friend in school or meeting your grandparents who are away from you.

Always remember it is only you who can motivate you. Any type of small change can get you through this feeling of loneliness. Whenever you feel that you are being lost or out of track try out these few steps. It is not necessary that these particular steps can help you; you can have your own way of getting out of this widespread feeling. Share with us your own thoughts in the comment section below.

Anjali Nair

Written by Anjali Nair

Hi folks
I'm doing ma graduation in english literature.I belong to kerala basically.
Writing has been my passion since my childhood.There are certain things which can't be orally communicated.But such expressions n emotions can be penned out.I believe writers can change the world

"pen is mightier than the sword"

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