Agonizing Emptiness

AGONIZING EMPTINESS deals with the mental trauma of a lover who is unable to keep in touch with his/her partner.Each seconds kills the lover like mountain of days and years.The lover cherishes alone on all the lovely memories which they weaved together.The lover hopes and wishes that may god of love Venus bless them  to rewrite their story again .

Gone are those days

of unrelenting grins.

Gone are those moments

of sweet confidences.

Now bound by fear

of approaching vaccum.

Ephemeral talks,

as time rushes.

Skips the reasons for togetherness,

as new contentment lies with world.

Undue waiting

to regain life of bond.

Lost cognitivity,

anilioration turns out annihilation

calling up distrust.

Blurred mirage

in my deserted days,

that mourns on memories.

Mind is numbed,

tangled with riddles.

Daydreams vanished,

unnerving nightmares.

Mirror reflects

freezing images.

Hope,black turns red soon,

hope,fragrance filss air,

May venus bless us again,

to regaun our mirth,

regaining us,

once again.


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