The Aftermath of Dadri.

The Aftermath of Dadri. 4

download (3)Media, newspapers, television and what not! Everywhere there is ruckus and chaos. Mob killing man, men killing men, looks like we are back in the history. People fighting and leaders enjoying. Pain and agony is everywhere. A part of India is burning while other part of India is shining.
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Clear state of mismanagement. Mismanagement in terms of development. Just a week ago whole India was set to get digital. Everyone was speaking on the famous and attractive digital India. Suddenly things changed. Things changed drastically. India is facing development differences. Few part of India are under developed while other parts are extremely developed. Development is one of the side parameter of Dadri lynching.
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Coming to the point, what happened in Dadri was completely wrong act and police and the mob is responsible for that. But what are we doing? Aren’t we supposed to have few duties as a citizen of India. Shouldn’t we take care of unity and integrity? The political parties are taking advantage of people who are uneducated and those who are illiterate in the name of vote bank politics. But what are we doing? We fight on social media, when you feel non veg. smell coming out of neighbour’s kitchen you doubt it might be beef? Incidentally we go to neighbour’s house and get it confirmed. Media knows that Indian public likes this sort of news. It showcases you the way you like. They will bring experts from narcotics and food and health department till the big religious leaders.
It means they want to cover all the people ranging from scientific aspect (narcotics, food and health) till the orthodox domain (religious leader). These interviews and furious statements made by political leaders fuel the sentiments of illiterate citizen. During civil unrest the role of media becomes crucial. Here is where they start to play the game. They know the country is in panic so they will have a merry time and they manipulate the information. Why does India want the leader of a ruling party to speak on the Dadri issue? I think they should take action first.
Technically and constitutionally speaking civil unrest and police department comes under state list but center has supervisory role over it. Hence Central government is also responsible for that. Another point to be noted is the role of our air force. They knew it’s a sensitive issue, they protected their personnel with due morality and respect. I must say what air force did was the job of the government to do so. We find that number of hate speeches increasing after this incident. The leaders are using their full communication skills and media grabbing the opportunity to show case it in ‘n’ number of ways. After all they are 24×7 news channel.

All the leaders, our dear media need to understand that India is much diversified nation diversification is its strength and weakness both. So it’s in your hands on one hand there is vote bank politics and on the other hand it is a question of religion which becomes more important than national integrity. Media can do lot many work with its technology like awareness programs rather than telecasting the same interviews for 6 times a day. We as a citizen have to decide what to do. Leaders and media are trying to divide us directly or indirectly. Every damn statement has its meaning if you observe. Every statement is followed by some or the other ruckus. Need of the hour is to keep aside religious sentiments and think about one united nation. Before taking step towards digital India we should have a campaign of united India.


Written by Pathik

I am studying structural engineering Design and i have been writing poetries since 2010. My area of interest in writing are social and economic issues.

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