Ae dil hai mushkil : The movie worth the hype ?


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Ae dil hai mushkil as I have to begin writing about this movie and the hype it created. Days before the release of ae dil hai mushkil we could see its trailer gathering a lot of attention and then we saw many spoofs too. Dialogues and songs were quickly picked up by the youngsters be it party songs like “cutie pie” and “break up song” or love songs like “bulleya” and the title track. This movie revolves around the general Karan Johar’s concepts of friendship and love but goes much deeper. I came out of the film with mixed emotions and the most unexpected end. Lead actors, Anushka Sharma and Ranbir Kapoor gave brilliant performances, and Aishwarya Rai looked stunning in every frame. Alia Bhatt and Shah Rukh khan’s cameos were a delightful surprise of ae dil hai mushkil.


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The hype of ae dil hai mushkil kick started ever since the trailer was released, but the story is dreamy and faint. Revolves around Rich NRI’s who’re very unrelated to us ordinary people. I certainly enjoyed the movie in bits and pieces, but it was a long one! What I didn’t like about the film was the confusion the characters had regarding feelings for each other and some portion of the movie made me revisit rock star and the connection between love, pain, and music.
Now what I liked about ae dil hai mushkil were the songs, the spirit or dreams we everyday folks call it of living the life to its fullest and enjoying it on our terms. There was boldness in ‘baldness, ’ and the music rocked.
Now I don’t think it was worth the hype but was undisputedly very different from other usual Karan Johar films.

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