If we place a meal constituting of red meat, white meat, eggs, etc. an , before a non-vegetarian, the person’s mouth will immediately start dripping out water of immense hunger and the stomach of that person will growl to its fullest. It’s due to the lip-smacking taste of non-vegetarian dishes. For a non-vegetarian, meat is like heavenly food. It is almost impossible for a meat lover to survive without chicken, meat, etc. A recent survey has proven that the world consists of a majority of non-vegetarians. None of us our pure vegetarians in today’s generation. Someday, though accident, a person does get in touch with non-vegetarian meal.

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Vegetarians feel that eating non-veg meals is quite unhealthy, and people suffer at the end. They always advice us to stick to a simple vegetarian diet for a fit and healthy living. It’s not true. Here are a few advantages of being a non-vegetarian:

  1. Variety- No doubts, non-vegetarians have a wide variety of meals to gulp regularly or during special occasions or when they are in restaurants or attending any party, while the vegetarians just have a very limited list of eatables to select. Non-vegetarian meals include chicken, red meat like lamb, pork, salami, goat, beef, etc., sea food like fish, lobster, prawns, shrimps, crabs, etc. and eggs.
  2. Fitness and health- Meals constituting meat, especially white meat like chicken and fish along with egg, shields our body from excessive cold weather and cool breeze during winters. It is proven that non-vegetarians feel less cool during winters as compared to the vegetarians. Eggs and fish provide us vitamins, proteins, nutrients and minerals that are good for health. An egg a day is equal to a glass of milk per day.  images (3)
  3. Flexible nature- A non-vegetarian can eat anything and anywhere. He can eat vegetarian meals as well as non-vegetarian meals, whereas a vegetarian person has to deal with a lot of difficulties if he’s somewhere out, to get a proper vegetarian meal. Hence a non-vegetarian acquires a very flexible eating habit as compared to a vegetarian.
  4. Enhanced wisdom- According to medical science, meals constituting of sea food and eggs sharpen our intellect and enhance the functioning of our brain, ultimately accelerating our wisdom. Hence a non-vegetarian person has more advantages over a pure vegetarian.


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