About Icy Tales

Today, we all wake up daily to a round of news that just isn’t inspiring.

Research has it that the environment around you influences you, and a positive environment can help you act positive, in turn making you and others around you be more productive.

While the World is fIcy Talesar from perfect, it’s still these small doses of inspiration that can help us do more and achieve more. Changing the world is no mean feat and perhaps it all starts from us wanting to change.

A distraught mindset doesn’t serve well and a fresh breath of air each morning can do wonders. Icy Tales brings to you Inspiring stories from around the world. There are tales of the past. There are biographies of some amazing people we have lost down the road. There are evaluations of experiments and studies that have changed human life. And then there is news that will have an effect on your daily life.

We aim to bring around a new fresh face of journalism. One where you’re aware of what’s happening around you but don’t want to stop on your path. One that helps you want to do more and be inspired by others. One that restores your faith in humanity.

Icy Tales.

Amazing Stories. Inspired People.

Note: Icy Tales is owned by the Icy Media group.


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