9 Facts about Rome, you’d wish you never knew !

Romans have always been an important part of the history , Notably they brought about tremendous development  in engineering and innovations . Even more fascinating are the facts, you must not be knowing :

  1. Romans used crushed mouse brains as toothpaste !
  2. Romans did come up with teeth whitening , but instead of listerine , they used urine ! not only this , also there was something known as “urine tax”.
  3. They used gladiator blood to cure various ailments , including epilepsy and infertility.
  4. In ancient Rome , it was common for people to induce vomiting so as to eat more during the long banquets that lasted for hours.
  5. They used urine to clean clothes as it was though to have bleaching action. In order to do so , urine was collected from the public washrooms all over the city.
  6. Roman husbands kissed their wives on mouth at the end of the day , not to always have a romantic motive but to check if they have been drinking all day long !
  7. Hair dying was common amongst women , mainly red and blonde where the colours were obtained from ingredients like goat fat , beach wood ashes etc.
  8. Left handed people were considered unlucky .
  9. Rome’s mascot is known to be a she-wolf , who took care of the two brothers Romulus and Remus , the legendary founders of Rome !Rome-wallpaper-221
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