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Suits and 8 Amazing Lessons To Learn From It!


The season 5 summer finale of Suits took all of us by surprise and made it worth waiting for the winter episodes to start.Suits has always managed to impress us by his cheeky dialogues and life learning lessons.

Here are some of the must learn life -lessons from suits.

Suits and 8 Amazing Lessons To Learn From It! 4

1. Don’t Play the odds,play the man.

Harvey Specter wins almost all the times.Do you know why ?
Because he never depends on the odds.

If you are willing to wait for odds to go in your favour,trust me there is no end.You’ll jeopardize your patience.This theory of playing the man is associated with almost all the successful personalities.This is mostly used by the poker players where most of the time you land up with useless cards in your hand but you bluff by playing the man.

If you’ll wait for the odds to come on your side and then you will play the game,trust me most of the time you’ll end up short. Any body can land clients playing the odds,but stellar deals mostly deal with playing the man.

Playing the man means using emotional intelligence to control people.If you know how to handle people emotions then you can land them in any deal of your choice.In playing the man you use logic and emotions to put people in your pocket.

Believe it or not odds will get you not more than ordinary results but if you are want to achieve extraordinary deals,then playing the man will take you there.

2. First impressions last.

“He doesn’t get that doing good work isn’t the whole job. Part of getting it is that things like the dinner actually matter. Even when you don’t think they do. But you were giving me shit this morning because I come and go when I want to. You know why I can do that? Because when I got here I dominated. They thought I worked 100 hours a day. Now, no matter what time I get in, nobody questions my ability to get the job done. Get it through your head: first impressions last. You start behind the 8 ball, you’ll never get in front.”
— Harvey Specter, Suits

Harvey tells Mike to focus on his first impressions as Mike has just joined the firm.Harvey just told Mike his secret of reaching the peak at such a young age.

There is nobody who could differ from this fact that “First Impressions “ makes all the difference.You never get a second chance to create a first impression.Most successful people today judge people by their first impressions.Most of the people who have achieved big in life have always been under this category.

Whenever you enter a new corporation you are competing with a hell amount of employees and the only thing your boss will remember you by is your first impression.Your first impressions will lead you to the best task allocation.

Then it’s your hard work and talent to how much you can use the opportunity.But only your first impressions will get you there.Remember this for every second of your life.

3. Use time to solve problems,rather than telling them.


“Rather than talking about it,let’s fix it”
Harvey Specter.

This is the story of about every person out there.We focus more on telling problems to others ,rather than fixing it.The moment you think it’s a problem,actually that thought is a problem.The journey to the hill always starts with the problems and it will always be there till the top.

More the problems,larger the success.Problems make you strong and will help you in achieving something big in life.Make a promise to yourself that next time you witness a problem you will focus on solving it rather than cursing god that why you gave it to me.
Don’t say why me,say try me .

4. Don’t try to loose small.

Suits and 8 Amazing Lessons To Learn From It! 5

Living a risk free life is very risky.Life is all about risks.If you don’t take risk then you aren’t gonna make it big in this world.The 5% of the people who have the 95% of the world’s money took big risks in their life to achieve something big that’s what has made the difference.

If you think not taking risk will help,then I ‘m sorry you need to pack up your bags.The biggest thing that we need to learn in our life is learning risk management.Risk management can help you win risks .You must always target the top shelf in any deal you make and for to get that risk management is the key.

Framing your mind in a way that you always want to minimize losses will never help.Learn to manage risk rather than avoiding it.

5. Winners don’t make excuses when the other side plays the GAME.

Mike and Harvey are playing paper toss in Harvey’s office when Mike throws a paper in the bin and misses his shot.Mike says the fan was on to which Harvey replies”

Winners don’t blame the ball, or the rim, or the wind speed.”

Time for a self evaluation session,do you have more excuses that why you could not win than a reason to win?

Having excuses will not get you anywhere.You know what’s the difference between amateur and legends?Legends had a reason to win ,amateurs had excuses to win.When people make excuses they are only telling crap stories to themselves to prove they are losers.Making excuses is a very filthy habit.You can either makes excuse or you can make success.

6. I don’t have dreams,I have goals.


This one is a killer.When Harvey achieves his goal  of being a name partner of the firm he quotes “I don’t have dreams,I have goals”.Well believe it or not he just revealed the biggest secret to success used by the most successful people today.Set small goals and work on achieving them .

These small  goals will connect the dots for you and will lead you to your ultimate dream. You ‘ll find the youth cramming about their big dreams which they never chose to pursue, and you will find legends who have fulfilled their dreams by setting small goals .

These small goals will always make your mind aware that what your dream is and will keep you devoted towards it.

7. Don’t make major life decisions when you are reeling from a loss.

Suits and 8 Amazing Lessons To Learn From It! 6

Jessica Pearson is surely one hell of a character.She is perfect epitome of a success.The way she analyzes situation and makes conclusions simply reveals why she deserves to be the managing partner of the firm.

When Hardman beats Jessica in Suits, to become the managing partner Harvey requests Jessica to quit the firm and do other jobs related to law like teaching,traveling or writing a book because they don’t want to work for Hardman.

Jessica believes that making life decisions when you are reeling from loss is something that kids do.She proves it right by fighting for her post of managing partner and in the end comes out on top of Hardman.

This is my pick of the lot.Students these days are hanging their lives to death after suffering setbacks.

Less score in exams,relationship problems etc are making students to take juvenile paths and in extreme cases suicides also.

You don’t call your life down when you fail,you stay there and fight against all odds to be the best.Yes things will go against you,but if you are planning to quit then you will never get anywhere.Fight hard and cover for the loss.

8. I am against having emotions,not against using them.


There is absolutely no doubt that Harvey specter has succeeded to the top using this theory.Whenever he enters the battlefield facing his opponent he makes sure that he doesn’t gets attached to his client .

Whereas he uses emotions to force his opposing party to surrender and that’s why he wins.No matter where you go this theory can never fail.This theory says that you need to use emotions to win battles.

You find your opponent’s weaknesses and use it for your benefit.For example In a cricket field when the batsmen is batting,the fielders and bowler try to put the batsmen under pressure by continuously sledging the batsmen.They motivate the bowler and try to distract batsmen.

Legends survive and amateurs surrender.The wicket falls because the batsmen makes the mistake under pressure.

In our childhood whenever we needed something we always use to crib in front of our parents to fulfill our demand.Has it ever failed?

I guess never .

Use emotions to control others.


Suits is an amazing show. You just can’t get enough of Suits and the characters in them!



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