7 Foot Alligator Washes Ashore In California

Rainer Hengst did not expect to see an alligator in the beach while hanging out at the beach with his family at the Pawleys Island, South California. Rainer noticed a lot of commotion on the beach and there was a small crowd that gathered to see the alligator swim to the shore. He took a video and also got some photos which went viral on the internet.

The Second Instance In The History Of Florida

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He stated that the alligator came into about knee deep water and then went back out. It is quite unusual to find alligators in the ocean and Hengst claims that he never saw one during his 10 years of stay at South California. Police on four wheelers followed the alligator to a mile up the shore and a removal team was contacted who lassoed the alligator and relocated it to safety. This is the second incident where police had to remove an alligator stuck in oceanic currents.

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