Digital India:9 Big Challenges In Implementing

Digital India


Almost everyone on Facebook changing their profile pictures to support digital India but to make it reality here are list of challenges in the implementation of digital India. Challenges are in every sector right from policy making, changing the work flow up to changing the mentality of the government officers. It is technological change within the most diversified nation. Few of them have been listed below:


  1. High level of digital illiteracy:

    Digital illiteracy is prevalent in most of the towns and villages in India. Cities have adopted digitalization but limited to certain extent. Full fledged digitalization is cashless transaction on daily basis, use of internet services to get government certificates. This requires administration changes, Taxation changes and change in public mentality. So its a team work which includes citizen’s responsibility and support to the new system

  2. Connectivity to remote areas:

    It is a mammoth task to have connectivity with each and every village, town and city. The problem of connectivity is a complex issue because every state has different laws pertaining to its execution. Also it is challenging for the central authorities to make a database where such a huge information can be stored.

  3. Compatibility with center state databases:

    Every state has different internet protocols because every state is diversified. Diversified not only in the sense of religion but also in language. Hence software compatibility with the center is a crucial issue. Information shall be saved carefully.
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  4. Cyber Crime:


    There is cyber threat all over the globe and digital India will not be any exception. Hence we need a strong anti cyber crime team which maintains the database and protects it round the clock

  5. Interdepartmental Coordination for Digital India:

    Within the government there are various departments which should be integrated.  Integration has technical as well as corporate issue. Corporate in the sense self ego of the officers and staff of our government services are hurdle in the change. Also the middle man policy will be eliminated completely because of digital India, hence there will be imminent resistance from the working staff.
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  6. Finance:

    Though there are resources with India but there is a huge capital cost which is to be invested and the fruits of the investment will be received after few years.

  7. Net neutrality:

    The issue is still on the table and we are blindly following the digital India. Net neutrality is must and we should make sure that digital India without net neutrality would be a great blow to entrepreneurs and citizens of India.

  8. Changing the mindset:

    This point will come into picture when you have allocated the required resources and material but when it comes to implementing them, most of them will be hesitant to change. People are accustomed with years of same of practice that they are not ready to change.

  9. Exchange of information:

    The information stored should also be used by other government offices. For example police, surveillance and other security issues can be easily resolved with digital India but its co ordination is a mammoth task. It is not only a technological question but also deals with the question of privacy and security.

We all support Digital India but we should be aware of the dangers and setbacks, so that we can prepare ourselves for the upcoming challenge. We should be mentally prepared for the changes and challenges in implementing the policy, only then it would be possible to change it to reality.

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