Grey’s Anatomy. This Shonda Rhimes show with all the emotional drama woven into the lives of doctors does have a lot more than just stories. There are all the words that might give you the much-needed insight into life.
And guess what, we needn’t struggle to find the best pieces of wisdom between the dialogues, the Protagonist Meredith Grey’s monologues at the beginning and end of the show are more than enough!

Here are 7 of my all-time favourite Quotes-

1. All that changes

Sometimes in life we are on a roller coaster ride! More than just our enthusiasm is changing..the picture, the world around us..everything is moving and at a speed we can’t much decipher. As much as we love to be on such a ride, we are scared, to the very core. But you will always find these soothing words..


2. All the hurt and lessons

It won’t be wrong to accept that we have learnt our biggest lessons the hard way. At the end of the day, if we have learnt, fought and stood up after all of the hurt or wounds, that is the greatest of achievements.

3. “The Pursuit of Happiness.”

This one is for everyone who has always wanted nothing more but just one thing – ‘to be happy’. Well, happiness! Is it a state? Or a process? Or an all time thing? We don’t really need to go into chemistry to find about it! The answer is so damn clear..


4. The unexpected

We often plan up for the next hour, the next day, the next month or even the next year. But plans don’t always work.. and the reason behind that is well explained in the next one.

Believe me, every time you are down due to that thunderstorm in life, this one will help you!

rainbowquote4 copy

5. A new beginning

There’s always a new beginning waiting for us, just around the corner, just when you thought it all ended..Cheers to this quote, because it is time we found out who gets to determine a fresh start!

6.For the child in you

You loved those rides and ice-creams, those fights and friendships, and being stupid all the while. I caught you! Each one of us may identify with this one! I can’t think of writing more, just read on-


7. Just be in the moment, it will all turn up!

We all have our hard days. The days when it’s tough to reason. But the best answers are all there, at this moment, right in front of you, though difficult to find!  The times when you can’t find them within yourself, there will be someone out there, your parents, friends, a person next-door, or simply a few words you read on a blog..saying-‘It won’t just be fine.It will be wonderful.’

All because..’faith is a funny thing!’

You might just fall for Grey’s monologues in here, and you will keep them with you, more than what I write in this article, but yeah don’t forget me! I brought it to share with you!

For all those die-hard fans of the show out there, I bet you have never had enough of it!


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