6 Things To Do When You Can’t Sleep At Night

6 Things To Do When You Can't Sleep At Night 4

20131212-004259 If you are anything like me, then you know how hard it is to sleep at night when your brain decides to stay awake and question everything in the world. I usually go to bed pretty late, at around 3 o’clock in the morning, after finishing up with my studies and homework, and it is very obvious that by that time I am physically and emotionally drained and all I want to do is fall into a peaceful slumber.

So, with aching muscles and droopy eyes I go to bed. But the moment I curl up in my bed, my brain says ‘Nope. Not sleepy at all. Let’s talk.’ And then it starts to come up with the most ridiculous questions ever and I am wide awake, staring at the ceiling. From ‘what’s the meaning of my life’ to ‘can we really see ghosts with our peripheral vision’, I go through it all while trying to sleep and failing miserably. So, I came up with 6 things to do when you can’t sleep at night.

  • Read a book.

book,lamp,light,photography,reading,romantic-5f4274871f1faccfbd1cc41ffa2a60b2_h This works every time! Take up a book you like and curl up in your bed. I guarantee within 20 minutes of reading, you will start to feel drowsy and even your brain will decide to shut up and fall asleep. d4189f2703307ce382a74f96c057b03d

  • Play some soft music on low volume.

sleeping-music Music is the best stress buster. So, if you are stressed and can’t stop thinking about it, music will calm your nerves. Just, switch off all the light, put on a radio station that plays soft music or a playlist that soothes you and you will fall asleep before you know it.

  • Fresh bed sheets and duvets.

1427182575178 Clean bedsheets feel so good to sleep on! Change your bedsheets if you’re feeling clammy. Adjust the duvets until you feel comfortable. Maybe you like to keep you feet out, maybe you prefer to tuck it in. Try different sleeping positions until you find the one that seems most comfortable to you. After all, you can’t sleep unless you are utterly comfortable.

  • Stop trying.

3228562938_c1bdb86f0d The more you tell yourself that you need to sleep, the more harder it will be to fall asleep. If you can’t sleep, don’t force yourself. Take a bath or go to the balcony and breathe in some fresh air or maybe even take a walk outside. Meditation helps too.

  • DANCE!

article-0-192CA8CA000005DC-718_634x498 Okay, I know you have to get up early in the morning and dancing in the middle of the night seems ridiculous, but it works! When nothing works, I give up on sleeping, put on my headphone and dance around the room. It’s fun and eventually I tire and fall asleep. Give it a try, sometimes ridiculous things work!

  • Pull an all-nighter!

15e9225 Who needs sleep? Sleep is for the weak! Pull an all-nighter! Grab some mid-night snacks, watch some movies, stalk your crush online, check out the latest gossips about your celebrity crush and so on. Or you can also start to appreciate the beauty of the night, write a poem maybe? Basically do all the things that you want to do but don’t have time to do because of all the stupid stuff you have to do like assignments! Hope this helps! Sweets dreams! Srijonee Basu Indraprastha College for Women English Hons.

Srijonee Basu

Written by Srijonee Basu

I am Srijonee Basu. I hail from Kolkata, West Bengal. I did my schooling from Mahadevi Birla World Academy (formerly known as Mahadevi Birla Girls' Higher Secondary School). Presently, I am pursuing B.A. English (Hons.), from Indraprastha College for Women, University of Delhi. I love music and movies. I am a fairly good singer. I also like to read books and I sometimes write short stories, skits and articles.

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