6 Stages You Go Through In Love

6 Stages You Go Through In Love 4

Love is the most beautiful of all emotions ever felt by men. Lucky are the ones who experience love, reverted back to them. Luckier are those who spend their lives with the people they love. And luckiest must be those who have their loved ones even in the last moments of their breathe. While dying, grumbling, losing, cheating and getting away is easy, loving someone with heart, mind and soul ,without expectations is a hard selfless way to act.

Love is a tyrant sparing none. While for many love happens in the most unexpected way in the most unexpected time;there’s no fair and fine way to be in love. It is the most powerful feeling that involves great liking but it’s always hard to conclude if it’s in-a-moment thing or happens as a feel-packed process that is time framed. But people in love go through a series of emotions,keep falling in and out of it until they realize they have fallen in and there is no way out. Above everything, people grow in love.

Here is a list of all those stages that one experiences adequately and at times unknowingly while surrendering to love-

  • Attraction

Eyes probably are the most admired organ in bollywood songs! Ever wondered why there are so many of them with lyrics either demonstrating, praising, eulogising or admiring the eyes? Because it all begins with a look. Everyone remembers the first sight of their crush better than any graphic presentation. There is a reason why out of so many pretty faces, eyes get stuck to just one. And if at sometime, while trying to steal a glimpse of him, he is found to be looking at you already- the heart never asks for your will to skip a beat. Love blooms with a spark that you can’t resist.


  • Infatuation

Things pick up a bit more pace when prolonged attraction gets too intense to hide. Infatuation demands a lot more than attraction. There grows a sense of ‘want’ and ‘to be with’. You begin to look for reasons to spend time with the one you can’t stop thinking of any time of the day. And probably, the time when this person is around is the best time of the day. Nights are engrossed with his/her memories, often tiring you to sleep. Everything around seems beautiful- the wind is no more dusty, being alone is no more boring. It’s romanticism all the way.


  • Physical Longing

The heart is exposed to unknown desires. The ‘want’ becomes the ‘need’. Even a slight casual touch of that person sets you to some other world. You can clearly feel his voice from faraway. Though transient, but you develop your own world of fantasies. Fantasies that only you have access to. Love is simply amazing. It does amazing things beyond all settled limits.


  • Obsession

Being obsessed is often seen in a negative light. But this is an inexplicable part of love. The level of obsession may vary. Some control it in the fear of losing the loved ones. Others submit themselves and find dissatisfaction, not having their loved ones around. They look for reasons to have this person by their side at all times. Find hard to accept his/her level of liberation and often end up putting limits to them. Everything happens out of prevailing insecurities. But love here is too innocent to understand all these. Being mad in love at this stage is unavoidable, but love has its own ways of imparting lessons.

TWISTED OBSESSION, (aka EL SUENO DEL MONO LOCO), from left: Jeff Goldblym, Liza Walker, 1989, © Majestic Films

  • Belongingness

This is the more mature stage of love when two people, having fallen for each-other, find their world overwhelming. They help their partners grow. They stand for each other in all walks of life. They might not be talking for hours to express their love but are always there when one is in need of the other. Because when they hold each other’s hand, their worlds become a tad easy. More like a prolonged friendship that grows with time; their love blossoms with age. This love is compassionate and self-explanatory.


  • Eternity

‘ The richest love is that which submits itself to the arbitration of time’. 

Came across this quote quite often but was able understand it fully after this incident- While in the park for my morning walks I often found an octogenarian couple , holding their hands, taking small steps at a time, probably to support each other. This always got me thinking how happy and blessed they were being together. With all the positivity that they oozed, I could not resist myself from having a small interaction with them one fine morning. It was then that I found they were not married to each other. They had fallen in love when young, but despite relentless efforts, could not unite under the institution of marriage. Both lived a fulfilling life, marrying and raising  kids with their respective partners and they lived life with what life offered them.

Now that their partners had departed to rest some where in the heaven and their kids living abroad , the two had discovered the reasons to be with each other again.

‘Life demands a lot but love never demands anything’- as Mrs. Thomas concludes in her swift shivering voice, I find Mr. Shah looking at her with the love that has not faded a bit,not even a shade lighter.


Somewhere in this life, we all need to love and to be loved more than anything else.

” ‘Tis better to have loved and lost than to never have loved at all”


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