6 Must-Have Apps For Your Android Devices

In this tech-savvy generation, you have to keep ourselves updated. Google play store has more than a million apps but there are some of them which are very much necessary for your phones. Here is a list of some apps which you must keep installed on your android phones:

  1. Avast- Mobile Security And Antivirus

Avast is one of the most preferred apps and it is also free. The app is very easy to use and keeps a track of other apps whether they working properly or not and how are they affecting the phone. It also creates a shield to keep the phone away from malware. It also has an anti-theft feature which helps you in locating your phone when it is lost or stolen.

  1. Solid Explorer

If you have a loaded phone memory, then you definitely need a good file management app. Solid explorer not only keeps your files managed but also protects them with biometric protection to keep them safe.


  1. Greenify

The apps running in the background slows down the processing of the phones. Greenify puts an end to that by shutting down the apps. This app even increases the battery life.

  1. Helium

Helium protects your phone and restores the data that you have lost. This app is not free but it’s totally worth it. This app also acts as an anti-virus and protects your phone from viruses.

  1. AirDroid

This is definitely our generation app. AirDroid. This app helps transfer data via the web browser or even text messenger. Simple, sleek and easy to use you can even use this app when you are at work.

  1. Pander

This is not just a simple restaurant finder app rather it also checks our mood for what kind of food we actually want with a very simple questionnaire. It’s a perfect app for the slug heads.

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