Rs 500 & 1000 Notes Banned: 10 Memes That Took The Internet By Storm

Last night, Narendra Modi took what can be described as the most drastic step taken by a Prime Minister in the history of India. With barely any prior notice, 500 and 1000 rupee notes banned and left each one of us shocked. Panic and chaos spread soon after but the internet had its say first through memes. Here are the best ones, collected for you.


The first ‘Notes banned’ meme one came from AIB, as expected.

14925320_1259172030793455_6535051553367491455_n Notes banned


How one could avoid the ‘Swag’ tag ever? 100 rupee, you are looking though!

14925498_1353368448009179_2983246845569683201_n Notes banned


100% and 2000% chances too, no place for 500 and 1000.

14939464_1289808997729971_4634592111054554663_o Notes banned



14947772_1289861951058009_667994883016535821_n Notes banned


Lots of people will find this relatable! 500 and 1000 notes!

14956591_571005089690859_6740070808538236804_n Notes banned


Be aware guys! 500 and 1000, BYE.

14962563_1231836800208371_4338628531388093438_n Notes banned


Rest in Peace.

14991396_1795373587396787_7461110060738927466_o Notes banned


Katrina, how did you know? *Shocks*

14992014_1289803821063822_8636085255856875569_n Notes banned


And some mandatory *Exam* memes!

15032564_1228766150515480_444773239_n Notes banned


Single. Plural.

15032715_1251285374931947_2476241522802656603_n Notes banned


This is an amazing step towards eradicating black money and fake notes, and we heartily congratulate Mr. Narendra Modi for showing this sort of courage and boldness. Let’s hope it actually works out in the long run, if not for the time being.


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