5 Ways To Prevent Body Odour

5 Ways To Prevent Body Odour 4

Body odour is one of the problems everybody suffers and some people suffer it the most. You can’t just take a bath every time you get body odour, sometimes you have to find other measures to prevent body odour.. First we need to know what causes body odour and why it wasn’t much of a problem when we were kids. The main cause for body odour is because of the increasing amount of hormones called androgens. These hormones are not active until puberty hence kids don’t have body odour. If you have too much body odour then it’s better to consult a doctor and get it treated but if its common then use some of the known home remedies.

Here are few ways to prevent body odour.


Body odour is caused due to bacterial growth on a moist body, so keep your body always dry especially your under arm region .even a slight moisture can cause the growth of bacteria leading to body odour. So dry your body completely after a bath, for better results put a bit of essential oils in your bath water for beautiful fragrance. After drying yourself, apply an antiperspirant deodorant and talcum powder to keep the sweat out.images                   slide_338361_3449323_free


Another cause for body odour comes from the food you eat. You should keep a close look on what you eat if you want to prevent body odour. Watch out for the foods like onion, garlic, curry etc because our body can’t digest it easily so they leave the pores with sweat and create a strong horrible smell. Some of the best foods to prevent body odour are spinach, kale, chard, wheat grass and other leafy vegetables because they contain chlorophyll which acts as a natural deodorizer. Parsley is known for its anti-odour properties. You can make a parsley tea and drink it every night to internally fight the sweat. All you have to do is brew some parsley leaves in water and allow it too cool down and drink it. you can put a little bit of honey for sweetness.



Corn flour can be used to prevent body odour. Just dust some corn flour on your under arms and all the places where you sweat. The corn flour sucks the sweat keeping your body dry and odour free. Baking powder can also be used for body odour just like corn flour. The best thing about baking powder is that it kills the odour producing bacteria keeping you clean, dry and odour free.You can apply witch hazel and tea tree oil to your armpits. They are considered as natural sterilizers and when applied on the skin, they lower the PH of the skin making it impossible for bacteria to survive.

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One important thing to remember is to shave regularly cause unwanted hair can lock the moisture of your body thus producing bad odour.images (3)


The kind of clothes and shoes you wear is also an important fact in the prevention of body odour. Always wear breathable clothes to avoid irritation and rashes due to sweat. If you have smelly feet then give the shoes a break and wear something comfortable like flip flops. Let your body breath so that you don’t sweat much.

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