5 Ways to Be Productive While You Are in School


Looking for ways to be productive? All you need to do is know what your work is, and how you want to complete it. Don’t worry – we take you through the guide on how you can be more productive.

The Top Ways to Be Productive

As you will see, often it takes just a few simple lifestyle changes to be more productive. Here are a few of the things you can.

1. Learn a Language.


Fluent in English? Hindi?

Go out there and learn another language.

The polite French or the sassy Spanish. The poetic Urdu or the unusual Dutch. Arabic, Russian, Mandarin- it’s brilliant to be well versed in a language. Besides being an impressive qualification, it’ll also open up certain doors for you. Your chances to be able to interact with a foreign national and those of being comfortable in a foreign nation stand increased.

It opens up prospects for friendships with people beyond your mother tongue. Apart from that, different languages provide a wider base of syntax and semantics. A sentence that sounds ordinary in your tongue might be something extremely beautiful in another. Knowledge of a language increases your skills of expression, and not to mention, adds to the weight of your resume.

2. Volunteer to be more productive

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Keep a check on your local newspaper and media. Volunteer for things that catch your attention.

An NGO in need of a young mind?

An underprivileged child in need of academic assistance?

Take a step forward and volunteer. Believe in giving whatever you have acquired form your school. While a very primary motive would be the fact that this would add to your future resumes in amazing ways, this is actually bigger than that. Giving back to the society is a beautiful idea. It means that you are interacting with your community.  For example, getting involved in something as simple as a cookie fundraiser not only means that you are positively contributing to society. It also means that you’re increasing your personal connections.

Take a deep breath and think about the good things you’ve been privileged enough to have, and make a mental note of passing on whatever you can. Teaching underprivileged children in your locality is a great form of community service. It’ll bring to you happiness, satisfaction, and a sense of having been productive. Ad yes, it’s one of the top ways to be productive for sure.

3.Cultivate a Hobby


It’s a tough life and we all need a break to get us through. Explore your interests and look for something that fascinates you. Something that takes your mind on a little ride. Read, write, paint, sing , dance- check them all out and see what captures your attention. Choose if you wish to excel in it or just wish to take it on as a pleasure activity. It’ll benefit you both in the short as well as the long run. And if you are lucky enough- you might just identify your passion as you try to figure your hobby.

4. Take up Small Jobs

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Do your neighbours need someone who would mow their lawns?

Do your friends’ parents need someone to wash their car?

Go ahead without any apprehension. There’s no work small enough. Even if the task doesn’t pay you well, rejoice in whatever you get. These initial jobs shall imbibe into you the lesson of ‘Dignity of Labour’ and you shall carry it along for the rest of your life.

And well- a little increase in a child’s pocket money never did hurt anybody.

5. Participate

BHI# 07-060 St. Mikes

Participate in Olympiads.

Register yourself for the Model United Nations conference.

Look for exposure. Contact your teachers and get to know about academic conferences and other such events. Participate in every opportunity that comes your way. It’s among the top ways to be productive in your school.

These events help build confidence and expose you to a variety of talents other people of your age have in themselves. You might get to realize the potential you never thought you had inside you. Many students have come out as great orators, organizers, managers as a result of their participation.

What are the top ways to be productive for you? Should we add more to the list?

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