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5 Effective Ways to Break Up with a Boy

5 Effective Ways to Break Up with a Boy 4

5 Effective Ways to Break Up with a Boy

 Do you feel that your boyfriend is irritating? Or you just feel that your relationship is not interesting anymore? Or while even having a boyfriend makes you feel lonely? Tadaaa! Then it’s the time to move on Girl!


Here for you today I am writing ways to get rid of a boyfriend and trust me I have tried some of them. The ways that I am mentioning here are really stupid and pathetic but at the end they work!
So, here are the 5 ways-

1. Show him your acting skills- Pretend that everything he does for you is a waste. Pretend like you don’t care anymore. Don’t appreciate him. Don’t get emotional. Whatever he do for you, you must keep calm and shut down your emotions girl. Otherwise you will get struck forever into a boring relationship.bf427766b37ff883a9447945afeff5d6
2. Ask a friend for your helpIt’s time to show the real hatred. You can ask your male friend to act as your boy friend/close friend and make your guy jealous. This idea is stupid but it works until situation is under control! Please don’t try it if your male friend is weaker than your boyfriend otherwise the results can be drastic! Jealousy can burn him and he will also try to make you jealous then you can grab a chance and ditch him!
3. Show him how busy you are Yes you can do that! It’s really easy whenever he calls you or texts you, tell him that you have some other works to do which are really important than talking to him. He will get pissed off from you one day and he’ll leave you

4. Go on a tour Go to a tour. Hill station, beaches, treks anywhere you ever wanted to go! Take only those friends who can help you to forget about him. Enjoy the trip, click photographs, post it on Facebook and see the magic! Going on a trip will also give you some new memories which will help you to forget the older one.

Goa Beach Tour
5. Confront him and Block himIf you don’t want to try any of the above just sit at your room alone. Block him from all the social media platforms on which you are connected with him. Also, delete and block his number. Directly go to him and confront him. Tell him that you don’t think there’s something left in your relationship which is interesting and get rid of him forever.

I hope these ways will help you out and in life ahead you choose your partner wisely. A good partner can change your life but a bad partner can make your life worse. Relationships are very difficult to maintain. Love ends too quickly and heartbreaks last too longer. Getting out from the breakup situation is very difficult and full of emotions. All you need to do is keep calm and take a deep breathe. Tell yourself that everything happens for good. 

For now all I can say is “Happy Breakup” Keep Smiling! 🙂


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