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5 things that show that We Indians are One of a kind.

Indians are lovely people. Okay I’m not saying that just because I’m an Indian.( Well I am lovely). Indians have their own ways of doing things. Our scriptures suggest- SAAM DAAM DAND BHED. This means we’ll do our work by this or that whichever way possible. Only 5 things about us is a little injustice to us because there are so many points that make us INDIANS. But what to do we have to adjust( We have that inbuilt quality! Right?).

1. Managers(:p)

In india every mini function is huge and yes you don’t need planners and managers for it. I mean you need managers but they needn’t be qualified in management degree. Yes you got that right. Indians are very cool managers, they can get every single thing managed so well that you’ll bite your nails after watching them work without any prior practise. They can get every bloody work done and without any glitch. Be it any marriage, birthday party or a simple office meeting, indians can manage it brilliantly with lots of creative ideas in their heads!! Managing the caterers, decorations, guest list and even the songs played at the DJ we are masters.And we’re planners ourselves. Need help in any of your occassions indians(I) are ready.

5 things that show that We Indians are One of a kind. 4

2. Creators(No comparison with God)

“Jugaad” our solutions to every problem that comes in our way. They might be temporary bur effective. It’s not that we don’t have permanent solutions but for a short and instant way out of the problem, we always have a “jugaads” in our mind. Such exceptional ideas can just happen to indian minds. I know we are great 😉

5 things that show that We Indians are One of a kind. 5

3. Strong willed and (over)confident.

Ever seen us bargaining. If you want to see our strength of will I bet you’ll find it in the markets. The way we shop a Rs1500 product at 300, and show that we can make anything happen with our will to lower the price down. That’s inbuilt you know. When our moms get down to the streets purchasing some dress for us, we got lectures beforehand. Don’t show the shopkeeper that you like the dress, don’t get overexcited there and don’t stare at me when I argue to  grasp the product of 4000 at 500. Of course we have learnt it now. I may not he so successful at this but I can manage to bring down rates from 1000to 1500. I’m sorry, bad at bargaining.( Sorry). We have the guts to argue even if we don’t have any drop of knowledge about it .We’ll divert the topic altogether and bring a topic that we know about. Specialty indeed.


4. Amazing humor

Indians can come up with different types of humor. Stand up, sit down, turn left, turn right, ATTENTION, stand at ease. Yes!! Okay I’m (not so) funny. But we laugh at every miment and the best thing is we take humor as humor and we can take jokes on ourselves but in a certain limit. Puny enough. Yay!! I may seem to be a very grim person by my writing and my face but when you talk to me you’ll get to know that every indian is damn funny. Everyone has that inner quality of joking around be it on the circumstances or on others. Okay I have that too but don’t judge me I’m an indian and its inbuilt.


When we have so much to eat and with such a spicy cuisine with numerous desserts with different levels of sweetness, how can we jot be foodies. We are the only people who don’t give a damn to the presentation of the food. We are taste oriented people and we love to eat. If the taste is good we’ll eat without any fuss about garnishment. We have amazing taste standards and we love street food more than the restaurant food. Dhabas are a hit here and yes they provide extremely fingerlicking delicious food. So Indians can eat anywhere(means anywhere) as we love food.

5 things that show that We Indians are One of a kind. 6

So here are some(very few) qualities that make us the only people i.e Indians . I know there will be more so do tell me in the comments below.

Anjali Nair

Written by Anjali Nair

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