5 Things To Do To Make Your Weekend More Fun

5 Things To Do To Make Your Weekend More Fun 4

5 things to do to make your weekend more fun


Every boring day starts with a morning, noon, an evening and a night. In most cases the mornings, noons and evenings are spent working. Those 5 days of the week were in you struggle to wake up early, adjust your breakfast time and dressing up at the same time (FYI, only applicable if you are not a morning person), that long ride to office and then the long long day that just tires the holy flowers out of you. Then, like a blessing, comes the weekend. Those two holy days where you can sleep, eat, run around naked… no one really gives a crap. So here are some fun ways to spend your holy weekend

1. Hibernate:sleep-image

If there is something you envy every day about a weekend is the morning free time that you get to sleep for those extra five minutes- which eventually turns into five hours. This sleep is probably the remaining sleep that you couldn’t get on the weekdays because of your work schedule.

2. Be a cook:


Cook that weird dish that only your mother would do best. Try experimenting and enjoy the same. I mean seriously, you can be a cook too, right? Oh, who am I kidding. I know you’ll probably end up ordering pizza of taking out.

3. Have a movie marathon with you buddies:springbreak-gallery3

Most of the time, on weekdays, it so happens that you get time to switch the tv on, even if you do, it’d be at night while your dozing on the couch. So buy some good movies or borrow them and have a nice long movie marathon with your close friends. You will spend some time with your friends and watch the movies as well. After all, watching movies alone is boring and where’s the fun in that?

4. Have a picnic in a abandoned peaceful place… alone! :4107567230_c9c3ea7a5c_b So with the everyday hustle-bustle, you hardly get quality time to spend with this amazing personality called “YOU” so pack a nice basket of all of your favorite foods, grab a blanket and some books, stuff them in your car and zoom off to that adventurous place for picnic- and by abandoned, I do not mean the graveyard or your friends unused flat. Also do carry your cell phone, in case you get lost.

5. Have a family get-together:images

Family- mother, father, brother, sister… many more people. You know you miss them, but the work schedule doesn’t allow you to do more than a phone call. So use this weekend to have a nice family get-together. Take them out for a movie, go the park, talk to them. They’ll feel better and you’ll too. Fool around with your siblings and involve your friends too.

So these are some fun ways to spend your weekend. Off course when Monday rolls around you’ll be back to work and blah blah, but you’ll have memories to take you through the week, won’t you.

After all, memories are the only things that actually matter and remain.. isn’t it true?

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