The Best 5 Novels To Read For Beginners

Discover The Best Novels to Read For Beginners

Books are loved by everyone who starts reading in the first place. Are you a non-reader and want to know if books are your thing? If yes, then you need to start with novels that are absolutely impossible to put down once you start reading. There are all kinds of books in the world but to start loving them you need to know your genre. Still, there are some masterpieces that are loved by almost everyone even if it is not really their genre. These are the best novels to read for beginners, to know their genre and themselves.

novels novels to read for beginners

So, what are the best books that you can read in 2019? While the answer to that does depend a lot on the genre you like, for instance, horror or fiction? However, if you are just starting out, don’t worry. Here are 5 best novels to read for beginners – and ones that you will love!

1. After The Darkness

novels to read for beginners novels to read for beginners

This is a Sydney Sheldon work, a novel by Tilly Bagshawe. This a crime-thriller novel revolving around a woman named Grace Brookstein married to one of the richest men in town Lenny Brookstein. The story is about how Grace gets attacked by some of the legal authorities after the death of her husband and proves all the accusation against her wrong all by herself when everybody including her family betrays her.

2. Nothing Lasts Forever

novels to read for beginners

This is another novel by Sydney Sheldon, one of the best novels to read for the beginners. This is a thriller novel telling the story of three female doctors; Paige, Kat, and Honey. The story tells each and every incident of their lives where they had to prove their ability and endurance as women. The story goes wild when one of them dies, one is at the verge of getting the hospital shut down and another one is to get the death penalty.

3. Tell Me Your Dreams

novels to read for beginners

This is another Sheldon crime-fiction novel. In this story, three young women; Ashley, Toni, and Alette are accused of multiple murders. But what if they are all the same person yet unaware of each other? This is the story of a woman with serious psychotic problems and her courage of proving the accusation against her completely wrong.

4. If You Could See Me Now

novels to read for beginners

This is a beautiful piece of work, a romantic novel by Cecelia Ahern (writer of ‘PS- I Love You’). This particular novel is slightly different from other romantic novels and is one of the best novels to read for beginners. Here people might not see the person who Elizabeth is getting loved by, but Elizabeth can and feel the affection that is dragging her towards that one particular person. That is all that matters. Isn’t it?

5. Veronika Decides To Die

novels to read for beginners

This a wonderful novel by Paulo Coelho and one of the best-suited novels to read for beginners. This is a psychological fiction that tells the story of a beautiful young Slovenian girl who tried to kill herself and later finds herself in a mental hospital. Even Later when she discovers that she going to die anyway she wanted to live again, she started loving and appreciating life again and apparently falls in love with a guy suffering from schizophrenia.

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