5 “I Am The Best” Type Of People

5 "I Am The Best" Type Of People 4

Time and again, we come in contact with people who are pompous and believe themselves to be the only descendants of Aryans living in this world with the best of quality and the highest of level. However, I do not suggest in any manner, that one should not believe himself/herself as the best person. Yes, you should have this kind of confidence in yourself. As our very own King Khan says, “If I won’t consider myself as the best, no one else will”. I completely agree with this statement. You have to be the queen/king of your own life BUT OF YOUR OWN LIFE!


You are not supposed to bore people with the ‘best deeds’ you did in the past, or with what all best you are doing for now until and unless you are asked. No matter how bad it seems when spoken, one should be aware of the fact that no one really cares about what you are doing or did apart from your parents who apparently have no choice but to care. And if in any case, people listen to such creatures they only do so for the sake of being polite.


For people like me who suffer a great deal from such kind of people and have gone almost sick and tired of them, I am here penning down 5 of the most annoying type of people you will find in India who think that they are the best.

1. English – That is just a piece of cake for me!

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You will find these kind of people almost everywhere now a days doing ‘gonna’, ‘watcha’, and ‘whats up’ without realizing that these words are nothing to show off and they have been evolved out of Southerner’s vernacular towards which these very people look down upon. These people speak in the most affluent English which is not comprehensible to mankind. It might be understandable to some of the aliens maybe or people belonging to their kind itself! They think that they speak in the best way possible and under this misunderstood impression, they tend to speak very fast whereby the person to whom they are speaking, do not understand even a single word due to which there are lot of misunderstandings in the conversations undertaken by them. And when this happens, you will find a universal reaction from these type of people saying that,” Oh man, People can’t understand my English”. Oh, yes they can’t, in fact nobody can.

2. Shut up! I know everything.


I believe that these kind of people are suffering from a very serious disease and they need special attention which is why they keep on asserting that they know everything. Even if you try to make them understand something calmly, they won’t give up. To the extreme, if you as a matter of fact get successful in proving them wrong, you still don’t win, because then they would have something to say which will go beyond your head and ultimately you will give up. They can stoop down to talking nonsense in order to prove themselves right. And if everything fails, they probably will faint to stop the show!

3. I am better than the Helen of Troy!

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Now i would like to draw your special attention towards another category of these annoying people. These people are the most beautiful people found on this planet, only in their own eyes! What to do when someone says ,” I am very beautiful, much more than anyone around”? You can just make a poker face and nod your head in distress maybe. This type of mentality evolves because of some psychological issues may be superiority complex, or major lack of attention. I think parents should keep assuring their children that they are beautiful otherwise god forbids!

4. Hey, look at her dress! So cheap!

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These are the most judgmental of the lot. They can comment upon anything and everything they come across. Even when they are not in their senses which I presume they never are, they can still notice something and pass on a comment. These are the people who look down upon everyone and think of themselves belonging to some elite class. They don’t consider or think about the possibilities or consequences before blurting out their comment on someone and most importantly they speak it out in front of them which is very humiliating. They have no control over their tongue and mind. Sorry! I mean tongue.

5. How can I waste my time in peeing , I am studying!

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These are the most pretentious people you will find anywhere. They pretend to study to a very high level and the pretension reaches to such an extent that in the finals, they don’t score much. No matter if it is a metro ride or they are walking on road, they keep reading something, even in the most pathetic of conditions. Practically,one needs a minimum level of concentration to read and grasp what they are reading but then you definitely don’t need any concentration if you are just pretending. You will just need acting skills!

Priyanka Kaushik

Written by Priyanka Kaushik

Hey, this is priyanka, a student of English literature, keen on exploring the depths of it. I am an introvert, shy and more inclined to my books. Love old Hindi music. Good at sketching and poetry.

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