5 Habits To Get Away With To Succeed In Life.

5 habits to get away with to succeed in life.

Every person has their own set of goals and dreams. No matter how differ they are from one another it starts with certain planning and discipline. Trying to mold our lifestyle, habits and mind to achieve our goal is necessary. Nothing in the world comes easy. You have to be dedicated to your passion, work or whatever you want to attain. Seekers are finders, as one seeks they will find a way to change their dreams into reality.

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It is inevitable that what we have to do, we have to do it alone. We have to do on our own. We need to have a clear goal and self motivation to reach there. It is also possible that, sometimes we deviate from our goals and give up. Why do we give up? What are that qualities or habits that outgrow within us more than our passion and affect us so much. With such habits we will stuck up where we are and can’t move ahead.

Here are the 5 habits to escape from to succeed in life.

  1. Fear: Loose it!

Among seven deadly sins one should be this; at least then people will stop 15429327628_6c55271397_b 5 Habits To Get Away With To Succeed In Life.getting scared about almost everything. Right from doing nothing to getting a lottery everything is fearful to them. The place where this fight starts really exists in our mind. It’s absolutely crazy when you realize the pattern of fear and grief creeping into our thoughts and mind. We have to stop fearing about the results rather focus on what we are doing. Rest is to be left it to someone or something which is not under our control.


  1. Mind: Train it – Mind your Mind

brain-544412_640 5 Habits To Get Away With To Succeed In Life. Our mind is the master and servant to us. It depends upon on us how to train it. We need to understand whether we want mind to control us or us to control it. It is sometimes a hell lot of a trouble trying to quiet your thoughts. They keep wandering. They make you nervous, but really it is inside us and making our external situations way to difficult to cope up. AH! Not really a good idea to success. Train your mind when it wanders, when you feel you are losing control. Take your mind where you want to see yourself to be at.


  1. Negativity & Nagging: Dump it

Being negative is human tendency to give excuses to one self not to try harder. Complaining so far has fetched you unpleasantness and withdrawal of peace.16459231512_f8a81044f6 5 Habits To Get Away With To Succeed In Life. The more both of these you consume, the more you shit. It is such a deep pit that once you go in, you can’t really come back clean.  You omit only negativity around you. Whenever you get negative thoughts or feelings transcend immediately into positive so that you can find a getaway to optimism sooner or later.



  1. Negligence : Never think about it

Negligence is ferocious act that one can make in their path to success. It is not

OOPS^_NEGLIGENCE_IS_THE_CAUSE_OF_MOST_ACCIDENTS__BE_THOUGHTFUL__-_NARA_-_515130 5 Habits To Get Away With To Succeed In Life.only making mistakes but giving up, thinking it does not need much attention. People can be ignorant, adamant but not negligent. With negligence one proves their lack of dedication toward their destination.





  1. Emotions : Do not get entangled to it P_culture_yellow 5 Habits To Get Away With To Succeed In Life.

Success or failure, it is in our hands. Sometimes we fall yet we get up. If we get carried away by failure it will lead into depression, if we get carried away by success pride sneaks in. Have value for both. Appreciate both to learn and yearn.


By avoiding these 5 habits which most of us are habituated to, we cannot assure 100% success in 30 days as it not a product we are sell in the market. At least one can definitely see what the flaws in their preparation are and move little closer to their dream. Every path is tough but not impossible but at the end it is worth it.

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Author bio :

Madhuri Naidu

Writing is my passion and motivation as it inspires my own soul as well as others. . Poet by heart . Blogger &  avid reader. Woman with Wanderlust.

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