5 Gruesome Unsolved Crimes

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Our earth has been considered as a peaceful and calm place but lurking in this peaceful planet are some gruesome mysteries that were never solved, crimes which were nerve wrecking and could give chills down your spine and also, terrible nightmares. Here is a list of some of the unsolved mysteries in the world.


This guy is a pretty famous serial killer and there have been many movies which were based on his life. His identity remains a mystery even now after almost 127 years. His activities were mostly confined to the Whitechapel district, London in 1888. Several female prostitutes were the victims of this person.

He slit their throats and mutated their abdominals completely. His most famous victims were 5 girls named Mary Ann Nichols, Annie Chapman, Elizabeth stride, Mary Jane Kelly and Catherine Eddowes. His identification was surrounded by many speculations but there was no proof. Some say that Jack the Ripper was the Queen’s son. His final victim was Rebecca Sikes Bauer. She was found dead in her bed.


The Cleveland torso murderer was a serial killer who killed and dismembered at least 12 victims in Cleveland, Ohio in the 1930’s. Only two victims were identified out of the lot. The police at that time may have guessed it more than 5000 times about who the suspect was.  But the butcher man was never found and the case remains unsolved even now. The thoughtful thing about this case was that the bodies of the victims were at their disposed ground for quite some time. One of the victims was found a year after her death.


This is the name that was given to Elizabeth Short who was murdered brutally in 1947. The passerby who discovered her thought it was a discarded mannequin. However on a closer look her severely mutilated body was found. Her body was cut into half along the waist and she was completely drained out of blood. Her face had slashes from her mouth to her ears giving a Glasgow smile effect. She also had several cuts on her thighs and breasts and portions of flesh were removed from the cuts. If that was not enough, the murderer taunted the police department by sending things belonging to her.


He was an unidentified baby boy aged between 4 to 6 whose naked body was found dead inside a cardboard box in February 1957. Autopsy explained the cause of death was blunt force trauma. Who was he and who killed him is yet unknown. Even after 58 years of his death his name and death remains a mystery. His body is buried in ivy hill cemetery, Cedarbrook, Philadelphia with a large tombstone marked as “America’s unknown child”.



This infamous murder took place on 11th April, 1981 in the Keddie Resort, a former town in the foothills of Sierra Nevada, California. The murder took place in the early evening in cabin 28 and their bodies were found next morning i.e. 12thApril. This murder case is also known as “Cabin 28” and “Quadruple murder”. The four victims were the 36 year old Glenna Sharp(Sue), her daughter Tina Sharp(12 years),her son John(15 years) and his friend Dana Wingate(17 years).

Sue’s fourteen year old daughter, Sheila who slept in cabinet 27 that night, found Sue, John and Dana’s body the next day. The bodies were bound with electrical wire and medical tape. Little Tina was missing. There was just one eye-witness, Justin who was a twelve year old family friend, but the strange thing was that Justin’s statements led the police into major confusion as it kept changing first under hurried hypnosis with the county then under a polygraph and would change again under professional hypnosis which was conducted much later in his adult life.

Tina’s skull was discovered 3 years later but the rest of her remains were never found. Martin smart, Justin’s stepfather and his friend John Boubede were the main suspects in this case but no arrests were made as the police lacked evidence.

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