4 Friends Who Made Me, Me.


Friends are for life.There are no questions to be raised about the fact that friends are the most important part of a person’s life after family and relatives.When we come to this world we are gifted with a family but it’s the friend whom we choose.They start to mean life to use as we grow up and often we tend to share most memorable moments of our life with them.Here I talk about 4 of my friends who have been with me all along from my child hood till today.

1-Harsahib Lamba.

The “laughing Buddha” of the group
As the name says he is a sikh and has always been the target for jokes but he never cared about it.He has been my friend for about more than a decade and I have spent the best memories of my school life with him.Making money in school through our different schemes,mocking other boys of the school or playing pranks on the students,we have enjoyed every moment like hell.Today he studies in Canada far away from me and it’s not a single day when I don’t recall the memories we have shared.He was a man of his words,the moment he committed something he always completed it no matter what came his way.But that was not what made him unique,his jolly nature was something that separates him from the crowd.His habit of making everyone happy with his stupid jokes made him a true friend.

2- Divay Nagpal.

My life coach.
We have been together from 4th grade and have faced each and every ups and downs of academics together.Breaking rules,bullying juniors and being in the hit list of teachers we have been through all this and no matter what happened we never had a combat.We never jeopardized our friendship no matter what came our way.Whenever I had to make a decision it was this man whom I always turned to and he has always been there with the best advice.He has supported me through thick and thin of my life and has motivated me to fight tooth and nail for my dreams.A call at 3 AM in the morning and he will be there for me.He was that supportive.

3-Shubham Daniel


The risk taker.
School Bunks,cricket betting and night outs this man has been the one with me whenever we have tried something illegitimate.We have tried each and every new illegal activity together and always stood by each other while facing the consequences.Being very average students in school we both always motivated each other to the fact that grades can’t decide the future.We have never been in the teacher’s good books and therefore spent most of the time standing outside the classes and mocking students passing by.Those discussions about our favourite  soccer clubs and then fighting over which team is better,we have enjoyed it all and will always cherish them for our entire life time.The biggest lesson I learned from him was that no matter what is happening in life never lose hope and always enjoy life .We both agree to the facts that we have had the best moments of our school days together.

4-Kartik Chibber.


The Comedy guy.
This man has the ability to make anyone laugh their ass off.He was cool as a cucumber in any situation he faced and that’s what one can learn from him.I never saw him panicking in any situation.He had this knack of finding smart solutions in no matter which problem he gets caught himself to.His street smart skills and ability to manipulate people made him the most wanted guy everywhere.There have been times when we have had debates and fights over different issues but our bond was way to stronger to be shattered by a small fight.We both were considered to be the most talkative students of the class as we could talk about any random topic for hours and hours.Times change and friends separate.He is doing his graduation from Australia and it’s been a long time since we met.He was one man whose presence can simply put a smile on your face and yes that’s what I miss the most.

In our road to making a career we forget our friends.Actually what we forget is that those friends gave us this life.A happiness is not worth enjoying if it can’t be shared with friends.

Life will go on and one day we all will be living our so called grown up lives but honestly I  have lived my  life with my friends.



Written by harshul_madaan

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