25 Things India Has Achieved Since Independence

Image Credits: Pratibha Singh 25 Things India Has Achieved Since Independence
Image Credits: Pratibha Singh

India. The name in itself speaks a lot. With a rich heritage and an unbelievably large ethnic diversity, India stands proudly in the world as an emerging superpower. The pace at which we are moving, well, the world must watch out for us!

On the occasion of our 69th Independence Day, here is a list of 25 things India has achieved since independence:

  1. The Bollywood Industry: No matter how cheesy Bollywood is, it is an asset to our country. Bollywood produces the highest number of movies per year and the income is crazy high.
  1. Item numbers: Gone are those days where music soothed you and all. It’s all about Sheila, Munni and Chameli now. Fact: They are more famous than actual celebrities.
  1. Honey Singh: He may be annoying and rebellious, but he sure is a national treasure.
  1. Place in Space: Need we say more? India showed the world that we can go literally out of the world in some few million dollars.
  1. Freedom: The primary achievement – the reason why we are where we are. Freedom is what the country promotes. Unless it’s porn.
  1. Women Empowerment: There has been crazy improvement in the position of women in society in India. There are some gaps we still need to fill, but we will get there!
  1. Democracy: When our politicians are not busy throwing shoes or watching porn, they form a part of the largest working democracy in the world with the maximum number of elected representatives.
  1. National Gods – Sachin Tendulkar and Rajnikanth: If you have no special place in your heart for SRT or Rajnikanth, you may just be considered heartless!
  1. Newclear weapons: Hey there, world. There’s nothing fun about our new nuclear weapons and tanks. Please think twice before even thinking about attacking!
  1. The Smartphone Revolution: India has the highest number of smartphone users in the world. Well, it does have a nice ring to it!
  1. Missed Call Communications: We really value money. Really, really. And that’s why we believe more in missed calls rather than refilling our balance.
  1. A Golden Country: Our standard of living has increased to a great extent. India has the highest number of consumers of gold. Don’t believe it? Take a trip to an Indian wedding!
  1. Milky Way: India has the highest population of cattle, might as well use it!
  1. Sports: India practically rules over Kabbadi, Hockey and Cricket. And we’ve been continuously improving our Olympic game. Chak de India!
  1. APJ Abdul Kalam: A man who inspired so many lives and touched so many hearts. Bharat has lost its ‘Ratna’, indeed.
  1. Slumdog Millionaire: The offensive picturisation of Indians might be a touchy topic, but we cannot deny that this movie has helped India with tourism atleast!
  1. Silicon Valley: Thanks to the constant ‘Engineering karo, beta’ reminders by Indian parents, we have come to rule the world with our IT swag. Satya Nadella, Sundar Picha – just another big leap for our IT intelligence.
  1. LGBT: Gay sex may not be legal in India yet but the people have opened up to the idea of having a different sexuality. Go LGBT!
  1. Shahrukh – Salman friendship: The biggest cold war in the country has come to an end. We’re one bright country now.
  1. Indian Cuisine Craze: Indian cuisine restaurants getting Michelin stars? Enough said.
  1. International Yoga Day: A day to commemorate the healthiest gift to humanity;
  1. Hollywood: Hollywood has always been a great deal for us. Indian actors are actively being a part of Hollywood which is increasing the standards of the Indian industry.
  1. Potholes: Even our GPS will someday show the potholes. It time to bury some things and let go.
  1. An Anti-corruption Movement: It does not matter how successful the movement was, the fact that it happened matters. The large crowds fighting for a cause that will make India better – it just shows the unity.
  1. Respect: India’s fast growth is an indication of how quickly it will race ahead. World, hold on!

Our ever changing political ideologies and potholes don’t change us. The freedom struggle keeps us grounded and our freedom gives us wings. India has always inspired. It’s the country of Vedas and Yoga and Radhe Maas and Kejriwals but we love our country no matter what.

Happy Independence Day!

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