20 Common Questions Every Mother Asks

20 Common Questions Every Mother Asks 4

There is no one as savage and awesome as Indian mothers. Their speciality lies in their sarcasm and the ultra boosted energy through whivh they take care of their children. No matter how old you are, you will always be your mom’s chota baccha for lifetime. And that I tell you, is the most beautiful part of being an Indian child. And also as an Indian child, you might daily come across the series of questions that an Indian mother always asks.

Here comes a list of some of the most commonly asked questions. Check how many of you hear these question everyday.

1) Khana Khaya? (Did you have your food?)

This actually tops the list. Her life revolves and rotates and roams and what not around you and your meals. She will all be curious to know if you had your food,  no matter where you are. You will relate if you live without your parents. She will call up during the meal hours and ask the same question daily. Such a beauty she is!

1 - Copy

2) Kitne marks aaye? (How much marks did you get? )

2 - Copy

The moment you are born,  she decided what you will become and thats why she’ll always come up the same question. She always wants her children to excel in every field and especially in academics. And whenever she puts up this question, your feeling cannot be any different from the one depicted above. And yes, she is also always curious to know how much your friend scored!  Kinda uncomfortable!

3) Ghar kab aa rahe ho? ( When are you coming back home?)

3 - Copy

You don’t even step out of the house and here she comes up asking when are you coming back. The fact is they don’t restrict us from enjoying but it’s her maa ki mamta that can’t let you out of her sight. She becomes so possessive and will continue asking the same question after every 30 minutes.They are always concerned about their child. They are love!

4) Itni hasi kyun aa rahi hai? ( Why are you laughing so much?)

4 - Copy

You are on your phone, talking or chatting with your friend, and suddenly you start to giggle. Your mother would watch you from the corner of her eye and her gaze alone would ask this question. Well,  they also seem to wonder if any lady or guy is interested in their child and all of a sudden she would turn out to be the CBI lurking all sorts of questions on you!

5) Khana kaisa laga? ( How was the food?)

55 - Copy

No doubt, the food cooked by Mom is always delicious and no five or seven-star hotel can compete with her. But still, every time she cooks she wants her child to reply ‘Bahut Badiya‘. And I feel it is our responsibility to appreciate her cooked food since she does this with all love and affection. And those who are away form their mothers, know very well that even Karele ki sabji tastes like heaven if cooked by mom!

6) Fir se fail ho gya? ( You failed again?)

8 - Copy

Ouch that look on an Indian mother’s face when they see their child has failed in an examination is heart wrenching you know. Her face,  expressions and dialouges will shove an arrow in your heart and you’ll almost drown in the sea of guilt.

7) Phone par kis se baat kar rahi ho? ( To whom you are talking over phone?)

7 - Copy

Child: *Talking on phone for the past one hour*

No Indian mother loves sharing her child and the thought that someone is hitting over their girl or boy sends chills down their spine. As soon as she catches you talking with someone that to with a smile,  get ready to be interrogated and also, get ready to face your father as well.  Why you do this mom?

Mom: Kaun hai wo? Kisse baat kar rahi ho?

And this is followed by an infinite number of question asked by the suspecting mother.

8) Kya kaha tumne? (What did you say? )

6 - Copy

This, I tell you is listed as the deadliest question in the history of mankind. This question does not imply that she did not listen to you and is requesting you to repeat. Instead, she wants you to change your sentence before she replies with a slap or a flying slipper or actually whatever comes to her hand. Bachke rehna re baba!

9) Kuch khata kyun nahi hai? (Why don’t you eat something?)

9 - Copy

You gain like 10 kilos more and here her eyes will not even see that. She will keep on applying ghee to your roti and will constantly ask why don’t you eat! Her constant worries are about food. She always complains about how much weight is lost by you, even though it is what you have gained. But, Indian mothers you see!

10) Tumhe sharam nahi aati kya? (Don’t you feel ashamed?)

10 - Copy

This is something we all Indian kids go through. We all are shameless kids according to our mother and it implies to every situation. From replying back to a conversation, not completing lunch, scoring low grades and ouch, breaking a glass, we all are tagged shameless by our babydoll mothers.

Me: *Accidentally broke a glass* Mom: Tumhe sharam nahi aati? Mujhe to pehle se hi pata tha yeh glass tutega. (You don’t feel ashamed? I already knew that you will break it.)

11) Kya tum chup rahoge? ( Will you just shut up?)

14 - Copy

Shut your mouth as soon as she asks you to do this. Because,  the moment you argue after this question, my dear you’re destroyed. You cannot possibly argue with your mother. And why should you, doesn’t every mother has some sixth sense through which she always know that she is right.

 12) Yeh ladki/ladka kaun hai? ( Who is that girl/boy?)

12 - Copy

When an unknown face appears in front of your mother, she always suspects that person. And also, if you are an eligible bachelor, she’ll positively look out for every next girl or boy near you. That becomes a dangerous case you know.

13) Ghar ka sara kaam main hi karoon? ( Am I supposed to do all the household chores by myself?)

13 - Copy

While doing household chores, sometimes she gets frustrated and asks this question. And she is even right, from waking up early in the morning till late night even on Sundays, it is our mother who keeps on working non stop. Even Sunday means extra work for her and most of the time, it goes all unappreciated.

14) Beta, shaadi kab kar rahe ho? (When are you going to marry?)

11 - Copy

Soon after you step into your 20s, instead of food and academics, her total concern gets shifted to find a perfect Bride/groom for you. Here and there, her eyes keep on searching for your soulmate. And if she is a cool mother,  she’ll keep on asking if you like someone.

15) Subah ho gayi, kab uthega? ( It’s morning, when will you wake up?)

15 - Copy

For a mother, the morning dawns at 5 am and therefore, she expects the same even from you. She will keep on standing on your head to wale you up with super hilarious tricks, the most famous one being, throwing water on your face.

16) Tum kuch sunte kyu nahi ho? (Why don’t you listen to me?)

16 - Copy

When you are humming your own tune and she wants to talk to you about something, she will surely throw this question. Be attentive to your mother always, you’ll someday regret not doing that, believe me.

17) Woh Girlfriend/Boyfriend hai tumhari/tumhara? ( Is she/he you Girlfriend/Boyfriend?)

17 - Copy

Suspecting mummy knows everything. They don’t need a detective because they can work better than them for their child. She can tell at once that who is your ‘Just-friend’ or who is your ‘Boyfriend/Girlfriend.’ And once they know this, everything changes and turns out to be super embarrasing for you. She will spin up dreams about your wedding if she likes your partner.

18) Tumhari himmat kaise hui? ( How dare you? )

18 - Copy

Did you just break some home rule? Soon enough, you may get to hear this from her. And never ever argue back when she is up with this question because she is all prepared to destroy you with her weapons.

19) Kitni baar batana padega? ( How many times should I tell you?)

19 - Copy

When she gets irritated by yelling one question hundred times and then, you ask it again, and soon comes this question along with the fumes of anger. Just be precise and attentive to your mother all the times, you might land yourself in danger.

20) Thappad khana hai? ( Do you want a slap?)

20 - Copy

This is the famous question asked by the mothers because they believe that a slap always works.

We know our Mother loves us so much. No matter how much tired we are, we feel relaxed when we rest our head on her lap. Despite the fact that how actually we are, she will always love us unconditionally.



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