17 Reasons Why Bangalore Is One of the Best Cities Ever


Bangalore is undoubtedly one of the best cities ever. In Bangalore, you meet the best kinds of people, the best kinds of food and it’s also one of the best music hubs. Not to mention, the gardens and parks leave you completely mesmerized. Here are 17 reasons why Bangalore is simply amazing.

1. The Parks and the Gardens-17 Reasons Why 



Bangalore isn’t called the Garden City for nothing. it’s impossible to not visit the Lalbagh and the Cubbon Park. The greenery will simply leave you breathing in- peace and harmony, and there’s nothing else that can soothe your mind just as much. Bangalore also has several parks in each locality. It has a complete balance- on one side you have many IT industries and the like, and on the other side, you’re unbelievably close to nature, with all the trees and parks around.

2. Music Hub-17 Reasons Why 




Every time an artist or a band decides to visit India, they certainly make sure to visit Bangalore also. Bangalore is a synonym for Heaven, for all the music lovers. Metal, rock, EDM, pop- name it, you’ve got it.

3. Eateries Everywhere!



Pubs, cafes, restaurants. There’s one or all of those on almost every main street in Bangalore. You have multiple options to choose from, with multiple cuisines. You’re always sure to find a cozy little place that serves just the kind of food you like, be it chicken biryani, masala dosa, waffles, ice cream, a perfect English breakfast, just everything.

4. Bus Service



The BMTC buses with the most hospitable bus drivers and ticket conductors make your journey delightful. The Vayu Vajra always makes sure you reach your destination on time, and the Volvo buses make it a cool and cozy place to sleep in (I’d suggest you not to sleep, though. You don’t want to miss your stop, do you?)

5. Filter Kaapi (Filter Coffee)


South Indian Filter Coffee

Apart from Costa Coffee, Starbucks or Cafe Coffee day, there are several local coffee parlors, serving the best South Indian Coffee at prices as much at Rs. 7 or 8. You should really make it a point to try their coffee at least once in your life.

6. Weather



Nothing really beats the Bangalore weather. It feels like you’re living in a gigantic Air Conditioner, like you’re living on a hill station. It is also unpredictable and so full of surprises; it’ll be sunny and pleasant on a bright Summer day, but you’ll never know when it might start raining. Some people move to Bangalore ONLY because of the weather sometimes.

7. Live Theatre



Live Theatre is taught as part of the extra-curricular activities in most colleges and schools. Bangalore is one of the very few cities to nurture the same. There are also multiple places to showcase live theatre like the Chowdiah Memorial Hall, Jagruthi Theatre, Ranga Shankara and many more.

8. Artistic




You’ll find many examples to prove that the Bangaloreans have an eye for art and detail. You’ll find many walls with breathtaking graffiti art on them. The whole of Bangalore almost feels like an art museum.


9. Architecture




You’ll find skyscrapers like the Mantri Pinnacle, Presidential Tower, Concord Tower, Public Utility Building and multiple huuuge malls like the Phoenix Mall, the Orion Mall, the Forum Mall, the Garuda Mall and many more. You’ll also find amazingly built sky-walks, bridges and fly-overs, well-paved streets and much more.

10. Cosmopolitan City




Bangalore truly is a mixture of all cultures and races. You’ll find people from all the cities in India and multiple countries from the world.

11. Shopping

07 Mar 2007, Bangalore, India --- Shopping on Brigade Road --- Image by © Jon Hicks/Corbis


12. Women Empowerment



Bangalore does all it can to make sure its women feel safe and secure. You’ll find multiple women working at eateries, fuel stations, shops and as bus drivers, auto-drivers and bus conductors.


13. Convenient for people who love to explore



Bangalore itself is a touristic and vacationers’ attraction but if you’re looking for more places to explore, Goa, Gokarna, Mangalore, Mysore, Coorg and many more places are not far away.

14. IT hub




Bangalore is the birthplace for multiple start-up companies and IT industries. With multiple employers, it gives employment opportunities for people all over the world.

15. Party Deadline


17 Reasons Why Bangalore Is One of the Best Cities Ever 1The weekend deadline for pubs and disco bars have been extended to 1 am. WOOHOO!



16. City of Lakes-17 Reasons Why 



17 Reasons Why Bangalore Is One of the Best Cities Ever 2

Bangalore has more lakes than most cities in India, contrary to what most people think.



17. Several NGOs-17 Reasons Why 



17 Reasons Why Bangalore Is One of the Best Cities Ever 3

The people in Bangalore are the most caring people ever. They are always ready to lend a helping hand to the differently-abled and to the under-privileged. There are multiple Non-Governmental Organisations that you can always join. In fact, the very famous Art of Living foundation is one of the most popular, humanitarian and educational NGOs in India, with people volunteering from all over the world. It offers many programmes for personal, social, physical and emotional development.

Overall, Bangalore is one of the best cities in the world. Namma Bengaluru all the way!



dpDivya is an enthusiastic blogger and speaker. She is constantly looking for new interests to explore into. She currently lives in Bangalore, India.




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