15 TV Serials We Grew Up Watching

15 TV Serials We Grew Up Watching 1

I have just collected some of the TV serials most of us grew up watching.


Just Mohabbat was one of the coolest shows we all have watched in our childhood days. The show was about Jai, a 10-year-old kid, who was dealing with his life, family, friends (Madhur, Roma, Sanjay), and an imaginary friend named Gautam. And there goes the background music, “Boom Boom Boom Boom.”

Do you know?

The role of Roma was played by Avantika Malik (Imran Khan’s wife).

The role of Sanjay was played by Kunaal Roy Kapur.

The role of Jai’s teen years was played by Vatsal Sheth (who played the role of Raj in the film Tarzan: The Wonder Car).

The role of Harveer Singh Sodhi was played by Yash Tonk.

just mohabbatjust mohabbat


Dekh Bhai Dekh was one of the most loved comedy serial of all time which was produced by Jaya Bachchan. The story was about the three different generations of the Diwan family and how they deal with their relationship and business troubles.

Do you know?

The role of Shilpa was played by Urvashi Dholakia (remember Komolika).

The role of Vishal Diwan was played by Sunny Singh (recently seen in the film Paathshala).

The role of Kirti Diwan was played by Natasha Singh.

The role of Sarla Diwan was played by Sushma Seth.

dekh bhai dekh


Hum Paanch was the funniest serial of our childhood days. Do you remember sweety who used to feel that it’s her duty to open the door whenever the doorbell rings while singing out loud? And Kajal, the tomboy, who wished she was born a boy? And Anand Mathur’s first wife who is dead but still talks with him through her portrait?

Do you know?

The role of Meenakshi Mathur was played by Vandana Pathak (now plays the role of Gaura in Saath Nibhaana Saathiya).

The role of Radhika Mathur was played by Vidya Balan.

Hum paanch


Khichdi is a serial about a dysfunctional parekh family.  Do you remember some of the dialogues like, “Maine toh pehle hi kaha that ki yeh ladki Raju ke liye theek nahi hai”– Babuji, “Bade Log Bade Log”– Chakki and Jackky, “Kissi ko pata nahi chalega”– Himanshu, “Mujhe lagta hai ki”– Jignesh, and “Main toh thak gayi bhaisaab”– Hansa.

Do you know?

The role of Melissa Parekh was played by Tina Parekh.

The role of Mira Parekh was played by Ami Trivedi.



Shaka laka boom boom was the serial which was about the child who found a magical pencil all his problems. The uniqueness about this pencil was that it has the ability to bring out into life whatever the person draws. And being a 90’s kid you have surely watched this serial and tried it out with your pencil.

Do you know?

The role of Karuna was played by Hansika Motwani.

The role of Piya was played by Jennifer Winget.

The role of Tito was played by Madhur Mittal (known for the role of Salim Malik in  the film Slumdog Millionaire).

The role of Jhumru was played by Aditya Kapadia (now playing the role of Shon in Suryaputra Karn).

The role of Sunny was played by Tanmay Jahagirdar (recently seen in the film Ab tak Chhappan 2)

shaka laka boom boom shaka laka boom boom shaka laka boom boom shaka laka boom boom shaka laka boom boom shaka laka boom boom


Son Pari was a serial about a little girl named Fruity who receives a magical gem, when rubbed, a fairy named Son pari with her friend Altu appears to help her. It was one of the popular serials we watched in our childhood.

Do you know?

The role of Ruby was played by Deepshika (recently seen in the film Second Hand Husband).

The role of Kaali Pari was played by Upasana Singh (Pinky bua in Comedy Nights with Kapil).

The role of Altu uncle was played by Ashok Lokhande (Playing the role of Arun Rathi in Diya Aur Baati Hum).

son pari son pari son pari son pari kaali parison pari


Karishma ka Karishma was an Indian remake of the popular American serial Small Wonder. The story is about a scientist Vikram who designed a life-like Robot named Karishma. His aim was to make it behave like a human as time goes on. The serial gained a huge popularity because it was one of its kind of serial in India.

Do you know?

The role of Vikram was played by Sanjeev Seth (known as Vishambharnath Maheshwari in Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata hai).

The role of Sheetal was played by Tisca Chopra (known as Swati in the film ABCD 2).

Karishma-Kaa-Karishma Karishma-Kaa-KarishmaKarishma-Kaa-Karishma Karishma-Kaa-Karishma Karishma-Kaa-Karishma Karishma-Kaa-Karishma


Hip hip hurray was a show made for the teenagers and showed how they deal with the problems concerning them such as dating, careers, exams in a light-hearted manner. The serial showed everything a teenager would relate to such us having problems with teacher and family, falling in love, suffering from heart-breaks, experiencing pressures during exams and the list goes on.

Do you know?

The role of John was played by Vishal Malhotra.

The role of Vinny Sir was played by Vinay Pathak.

The role of Purab (Prishita’s brother) was played by Shabbir Ahluwalia.

The role of Mazhar was played by Purab Kohli (presently seen in an American serial Sense 8).

The role of Nonie was played by Kishwar Merchant.

The role of Chandragupta sir was played by Sanjay Mishra.

hip hip hurray  hip hip hurray hip hip hurray


Tu tu main main was the best comedy serial showing the arguments and bickering of the saas-bahu. Because of the huge popularity and demand, a sequel was made Kadvee Khatti Meethi. Both the serials were directed by Sachin Pilgaonkar.

Do you know?

The role of Devaki Verma was played by Reema Lagoo.

The role of Ravi Verma was played by Mahesh Thakur.

The role of Chandan was played by Sachin Pilgaonkar.

The role of Guddie was played by Resham Tipnis.

tu tu main main tu tu main main  tu tu main main  tu tu main maintu tu main main


Sarabhai vs Sarabhai was the second best comedy serial showing the arguments and bickering of saas-bahu, baap-beta and so on. We still remember the dialogue, “It’s so middle class” and obviously the poems of Rosesh.

Do you know?

The role of Maya Sarabhai was played by Ratna Pathak Shah (last seen in the movie Khoobsurat).

The role of Sahil Sarabhai was played by Sumeet Raghavan.

The role of Sonya Sarabhai was played by Kshitee Jog (plays the role of Naitik’s step mother Devayani in Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai).

sarabhai vs sarabhai sarabhai vs sarabhai sarabhai vs sarabhaisarabhai vs sarabhai


Shararat was a fantasy sitcom about a girl named Jiya who is a fairy with supernatural powers along with her mother, grandmother and grand grandmother. After becoming an adult, she was being trained by her mother and grandmother to become the World’s best fairy. The show was a bit similar to American show Sabrina, the Teenage Witch.

Do you know?

The role of Jiya Malhotra was played by Shruti Seth.

The role of Dhruv was played by Karanvir Bohra.

The role of Raja was played by Harsh Vashisht.

The role of Pritika was played by Delnaaz Irani.

Shruti-Seth-Shararat-23 maxresdefault (3) maxresdefault (2) maxresdefault (1) images (8) images (7) images (6) hqdefault (3)


Princess dolly aur uska magic bag, earlier known as Hello dollie, was an action-adventure series about a young and innocent girl named Dollie who had an unusual habit of dreaming.

Do you know?

The role of Aman was played by Karan Singh Grover.

The role of Lopa was played by Benaf Dadachandji.

The role of Queen of Suryavansh was played by Suhasini Mulay.

hello dolly hello dolly hello dolly hello dolly hello dolly hello dolly hello dolly hello dolly


Chi and me was science fiction serial made for childrens. The story is about a boy named Sachin who finds his best friendship in an alien named “Chi”.

Do you know?

The role of Rahul was played by Akshay Anand.

The role of Mrs Khanna was played by Gulfam Khan.

chi and me chi and me


Family no.1 was a comedy serial about six kids of two families (3 kids from each) living together in a single-family. They got the house partitioned because of their problems with each other and always used to end up criticizing the other family.

Do you know?

The role of Deepak Malhotra was played by Kanwaljit Singh.

family no1 family no1 family no1 family no1


Vikram betal was a serial based on Indian Mythology which used to entertain kids while teaching them life lessons. It used get aired on DD National.

vikram aur betaal vikram aur betaal vikram aur betaal

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