15 Things Only Hyderabadis Do

15 Things Only Hyderabadis Do

I want to take you to a different world where you can explore the historical place that makes you feel like you want to be a pakka Hyderabadi.

This is a place with rich history, lots of touristic spots for all age groups. There are some antique things that you can do if you are a person living in Hyderabad.

1. You can enjoy very hot chai with Osmania biscuits in Irani café.

Very strong garam chai will take away all the tensions from you for some time and bring a hope to live in this world. Irani café will leave you completely in love with itself.
Irani-Chai-Featured-Image-1024x768 15 Things Only Hyderabadis Do


2.Have an early-morning walk near Tank Bund while looking at the statues.

You can go to Tank Bund Road to have a peaceful and pleasing atmosphere to ease your mind. You will come across sculptures of many legends who contributed a lot for Telugu literature.
170-One-of-the-34-statues-at-Tank-Bund-in-Hyderabad 15 Things Only Hyderabadis Do


3. Enjoy amazing biryani in Hyderabadi style(Shah House)

You can have amazing biryani with many flavors and make sure you eat full. People who are bored with their home food can also add color to their food by refering to shah house.
slide-11 15 Things Only Hyderabadis Do


4. Ramoji film city at the time of carnival.

Visiting Ramoji film city is most nostalgic and  you can add colors if you visit specially at the time of carnival. You will find multi cultured people enjoying many events and can create many good acquaintances.
Ramoji-Film-City- 15 Things Only Hyderabadis Do


5.Enjoy the picturesque Birla Mandir and planetarium.

Birla Mandir is a place which make a landmark for peace . We find many statues of different gods and to our surpise the temple has no bells(the only reason is to exhibit silence in temple).

The Birla Mandir, Hyderabad 3 15 Things Only Hyderabadis Do

6.Visiting Golconda at the evening time for special light and sound shows

History is representation of the past glory and this is a place with such a awesome architecture. we can have lots of science over hear like clapping technique and many tunnels from Golconda. special light show in the evening will showcase the beauty of Golconda.
Night-View-of-Golconda-Fort 15 Things Only Hyderabadis Do


7. Hyderabadi Hindi 😉

Every person will have their own slang, Here is old city in Hyderabad where people have a special style in their way of uttering words. They use words like “Nakko, kaiku, kya miyan” etc . Having argument with this people creates you a lots of fun.
hyderabad_old_city_curfew_pics_0086 15 Things Only Hyderabadis Do


8.Take a joy in cream stone

Having a long drive at the night time in the areas like Banjara Hills, Necklace road and can have most magnificent and lovely ice cream will create the most memorable moment for many Hyderabadis.
cream-stone-1777 15 Things Only Hyderabadis Do


9.Want to buy things at cheaper rates ? well, Koti is here!!!! 😀

You can call it as a market with many varieties of items for cheap rates. If you want to buy more things for less rate, so have a look over “koti”( don’t hope for quality).
Newswala-i-shopping_Dassera_festival_2012_Koti1 15 Things Only Hyderabadis Do


10.Celebtate the Nimarjan of Khairatabad Ganesh

We can watch a biggest Ganesh idol at the time of Ganesh chaturthi with celebrations to the peak for 11days. There will be a special committee who will take a special care of the construction.
IMG_6566 15 Things Only Hyderabadis Do


11.Bored of busy life ? want to try something special ? Go and have trekking experience.

Trekking will make a remarkable experience in our life and there are many places where you can experience trekking.
event_92364482 15 Things Only Hyderabadis Do

12. Music@Traffic

This is a small city with many people so will surely come across traffic which is common for every Hyderabadi most of the time. So to deviate from this we have many FM stations to deviate our mood from this.
hyderabad%20traffic_2135528_mid 15 Things Only Hyderabadis Do


13. Necklace road with load Buddha.

Buddha a representation of peace can make you feel a hope in your life. If you come across necklace road there will be many fun zones, temples , parks, and what not. If you are bored at home just come to necklace road to enjoy watching things around you.
250px-Hyderabad_Dec2011_15 15 Things Only Hyderabadis Do


14.Take joy in fun Zones

There are many malls like GVK, INORBIT, IMAX, FORUM where you can get any things from low to high budget. We also have OCEAN PARK,JALVIHAR,SNOW WORLD make your day enjoyable.
gvk-mall-hyderabad-stores-i10 15 Things Only Hyderabadis Do


15. Last but not least enjoy abstemious Gokul chat and Karachi biscuits.

We can have chat and bajji shops in every corner but they will not be as tasty as Gokul chat. This is one of the most common place where you can find lots of people waiting for chat.
sav 15 Things Only Hyderabadis Do


Hyderabad is one of the best example for land of diversity with different people having good relations with negligible acidulous and acerbity.  These are the boons for the buddies who live in Hyderabad and you can also grab this by being part of Hyderabad.

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