15 Reasons Why I’m Still Single

15 Reasons Why I'm Still Single 7

Some people are not interested in a serious relationship in their life. This would be due to their circumstances or they are not able to find out a truly compatible person. The point of this article is to find out the possible reasons for the question why I am still single. I just shared some of the reasons in my view.

Spend more time with friends  

My love life is not my priority. I need to concentrate on my work and want to spend more time with my friends and family. Being single I will be available always to my friends. I have the freedom to meet people anytime.


I am happy with my routine life   

It is convenient to give priorities for my work.  I do not want to come out of my comfort zone and I am happy with my routine life.

My love expectation and fear of intimacy

My fear of intimacy would be a reason. I fear that the real love experience may not match with my expectation. I think a guy cannot change loneliness in my life.

Focus on my strength       

I want to focus on myself and need to find out my strengths before I start to share my life with someone. I want to think about what I really need in life.

 Marriage is not settlement in life

I do not believe in settlements. I think marriage should not be considered as settlement in life. There are more things beyond marriage.

Cannot spend time only for the guy

I do not want to spend all my time for the guy. I have more friends to have fun with and I am sure it will not happen with a boyfriend.

Being single I can read a book uninterrupted. I can spend more time in prayers and can cultivate new hobbies. It is possible for me to take risks in life.

girls need fun in life

My life is perfect now

I think my life is perfect and I want to avoid confusions. I am independent and finding it difficult to move with someone.

I would never compromise

I have seen many people compromising in their life but I never compromise. A romantic relationship would be stressful and I want to avoid conflicts, misunderstandings and betrayal.

True Love

I am in search of a guy who would love me unconditionally.

true love rose

I am not desperate

I am not desperate and do not want to chase anyone. It would be difficult for me to lose my identity just because of marriage.

Do not care attitude 

I do not care for others and I am strong enough to face challenges in life.


Hard to solve problems

I have problems in my life to deal with so I would find it difficult to solve the problems of my life partner.

 I cannot ask apologies always

In friendship I need not come up with an excuse which may happen if I am with a boyfriend.

My expectations

My standards are high. I am expecting a man with my standards so I should not regret later.

Not matured enough

I do not want to indulge myself in a relationship because I feel I am not good at commitment and not at all matured.

What do you think?

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