12 Most Creepiest But Less Known Places in India


When it comes to India, its really a hard task to find out some creepy places worth talking about.

No, its not because there aren’t any but it is because there are many, you just can’t choose amongst the variety of heart throbbing, spooky stories found in the heart of our country.

Since India is a country of diverse cultures and rituals, the diversity rules the country in various respects, and one such would be the mysteries hidden in the depths of it, the ghosts residing in the chilling air of it, the miseries turned into a profound darkness of the unknown.

Unable to capture all the places to give you a chill in your spines or a pilomotor reflex, I have penned down some of the less known creepiest places which will serve a quarter of my purpose for sure! 

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1. Saint Paul’s college, Goa – Seminary arch

Saint Paul’s was once the only Jesuit institution in the whole of Asia founded by Saint Francis Xavier, at Old Goa. It housed the first Printing Press of India.
The arch in front of the seminary at Rachol holds the legacy of St. Paul’s college and is supposed to be haunted by the spirit of a sentinel ( guard ) all the way back from the days of Portuguese rule. This guard denies the entry of those he considers unworthy even today and is witnessed by people moving from one end of the archway to another in an official garb.

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2. Bhuli bhatiyari ka mahal, Jhandewalan, Delhi

It is situated behind the famous Hanuman mandir of Panchkuiyan road near Karol Bagh. The building is constructed by Feroz shah tughluq as a hunting lodge in 14th century . Its a huge building and decent when one looks at it from outside. The name, according to some rumours is derived from Bu-Ali Bhatti’s (the female caretaker of the lodge) name, which later got spiralled to Bhuli Bhatiyari. The place, by the course of time has acquired the reputation of a haunted place as the local people of that area are reported to have heard strange sounds of men and women from the lodge. There are many stories spread by people regarding the history of this area. One such story is that it was the abode of a neglected queen who was a bhatiyari in clan and the ghost of this queen haunts the place.

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3. Khooni nadi (bloody river) , rohini, delhi

As frightening as its name suggests are the stories attached to this river. It is commonly believed that who so ever tries to enter this river or drowns even a toe inside it, he experiences a mysterious force which pulls him inside the river. There are number of suicide cases reported from this area where people jump in this river. But its not yet confirmed if they were actually suicides or accidents due to this mysterious force.

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4. Writer’s building, Kolkata

During the colonial rule, Kolkata was the centre of power in India. This building served as the office for the writers of British east India company during that time. Now it is the secretariat building of the State government of Bengal in India. This place has become a major haunted place in the list of haunted places in Kolkata because of the local tale spread by people. The tale goes like this… On the 8th of dec in 1930, dressed in European outfits with loaded revolvers, three heads of the writer’s building- Benoy basu, Badal gupta and Dinesh gupta shot dead the notorious inspector General of Police Colonel N.S Simpson. It is believed that due to sudden death,his spirit is still roaming in the building. It is recommended for the officials to not to stay in this office after dusk or office hours as it can be life threatening.


5. G.P Block, Meerut

Though the place is abandoned by the people residing in that area, it still attracts a lot of attention of the paranormal lovers. The story that this place beholds say that people who have passed this place witnessed four strange men sitting and enjoying some alcohol with the light of a single candle kept in the middle. These men were initially overlooked as some casual friends but later it was acknowledged by people interested in that area that they were indeed four ghosts. Along with this people have also witnessed a young girl in bright red dress coming out of that house at several odd times. The place is not much visited by the local people of that area but remains a major attraction for people who visit there for a spooky experience.


6. Brijraj Bhawan, Kota, Rajasthan

Rajasthan, always being the hub of a bunch of creepy stories adds to our knowledge another spooky experience from Kota district. The story goes back to the 1857 revolt when Major Burton with his family took refuge in this bhawan from the mutineers but were surrendered after 5 hours of continuous firing and were buried in the Kota cemetry. After Independence, the mansion became the private property of the Maharaja of Kota. The building got renovated after 1970s when government abolished the rules of maharajas. The ghost of major Burton prevails even today as reported by various people. As it is converted into a heritage hotel, guests usually complain of discomfort and oppressive feelings in that area. Britishers were strict and rigid in terms of discipline and so the drowsy chowkidars of the bhawan have heard the ghost of Burton saying in an English voice,” Don’t sleep, No smoking.” followed immediately by a loud slap.


7. Khairatabad science college, Hyderabad

There was this science college located in Khairatabad just off its flyover which due to some non deciphered reasons fell into ruins and was abandoned by the government. But its believed that the dead bodies in the biology lab were not disposed off properly. People residing in that area have witnessed walking skeletons and few disturbing noises from inside the building. A security guard was appointed by the government so as to supervise the place and stop people from entering the building. This guard died mysteriously which adds a cherry on the top to the scariness of this place. People avoid going to this place not only at nights but also in the evening time.

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8. Kundanbagh haunted house, Hyderabad

Another creepy story that emerges in Hyderabad is the story of a local house in Kundanbagh which is supposedly a posh area of Hyderabad. The story is perhaps the most infamous one. There lived three women in this house, a mother and her 2 daughters left alone by their father due to their madness. As neighbours reported, these three ladies used to walk around the house at night with candles in hand and blood bottles were seen hanging in their verandah. The mother along with the blood bottles used to scare people by swinging an axe at them. There was this college St. Francis located 2 kms away from this house from where many complaints were lodged by the students studying there and living in its hostel. The family suddenly got vanished. After some time in 2002, while trying to rob the house a robber found 3 dead bodies inside the house and the house was in ruin. Rumors hold, if to be believed, that these women were not alive when the neighbours saw them walking around their house with candles.


9. Chandan Nagar, Pune

This is another story which will give a chill in your spines. The story is of a small girl in white frock, cradling a doll in her hands who roams in the small colony of Chandan nagar in Pune during nights.  The story behind this girl is believed to be that 10 years ago this little girl was brutally killed in a construction site during some heavy load activity being undertaken at that time and since then she haunts this place. It is believed that people who are out there during nights hear her screaming loudly especially at the strike of the midnight hour and if you look at her, she smiles at you. Scary enough,isn’t it?


10. Savoy Hotel, Mussoorie

Apart from the picturesque atmosphere and beautiful valleys of Mussoorie, for paranormal freaks, there is something out there which will make them jump out of their beds after they hear this. Built by an Irishman Cecil D. Lincoln, who was a barrister in Lucknow, 5 years went into the construction of this hotel located on the hilltop of the valleys of Mussoorie. Famous for its dining hall, ball room and lavish infrastructure, it gains popularity also for the versatile type of stories associated with it. One such story emanating from it is the death of  Miss Frances Garnett-Orme (from which the famous novelist Agatha Christie drew inspiration for her well known novel “The mysterious affair at Styles”.) whose autopsy later revealed that she was poisoned with prussic acid, a cyanide-based poison. The murder remained a mystery and a few months after, even the doctor who did the autopsy was found dead because of the same poisoning and within the hotel in a locked room. Guests complain of noises from closed rooms and a disturbing atmosphere.


11. Towers of silence, Mumbai

Now this is a story which won’t just bring a shiver to your body or horripilation for that matter, but also a sense of disgust and repulsion. The towers of silence as the name suggests,is a Parsi cemetry located near the Malabar hills. Parsis have a ritual of leaving the bodies of the dead on the roof top of a tower to be fed by the vultures. According to their perceptions, since during our lifetime we eat and survive upon plants and animals, therefore after we die its the duty of our near and dear ones to let our body be consumed by the vultures or other wild animals to repay them. Its believed that since the bodies of the dead are not cremated or ritually buried, the paranormal incidents occurring in Grand Pararri towers in Mumbai happens due to these spectral forces coming from this cemetry.


12. Bengal Swamps – West Bengal ( Aleya Ghost Lights )

This is a strange and a very distinct mystery of ghost lights reported by the local fishermen in the marshes of West Bengal. When these fishermen, after fishing and collecting their woods pass through these marshes, the mysterious lights confuse them from their paths causing them to lose their bearing. If, by any chance any of them follow these lights, it leads them to the deep river causing them to drown. In this manner, many bodies have washed ashore. Some people believe that these ghosts lights are displayed by the ghosts of some dead fishermen who died while fishing.

 India is full of such stories which attracts a lot of attention from the occident. No doubt the West perceived our land, the land of mystery, esoteric and erotic, thus the land of east.

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