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10 Ways to Make College Life Productive

10 Ways to Make College Life Productive 4

One often hears that college life is the most beautiful period of one’s life. Also, It’s time to have fun after slogging at school. Hence we make our mindset to enjoy college to the fullest.

But, college is a bit more than that. There are in-numerous ways of spending time at college to make it productive. The achievers always seem to be up busy doing something. They also have a secret mantra. That mantra is productivity. The following ways can help us improve :

1. Doing Internship


Internships can be done during college or holidays. They are of two types – paid and unpaid . The best part is, it helps us get our pocket money. On the other side, it goes a long way in our CV and gets us a good impression among the employers . Websites like Internshala and Twenty19 provide internships both international, local and work from home type  So gear on and hop on to the internship bandwagon.

2.Party all night

Yes, partying is a very important tool. It helps us socialise well. To make it better, learn a dance style like hip hop or jazz or anything you like. It could help you impress people at college. Also, it will be really helpful when you get down for work. Basically, during company parties, the entertaining people are noticed by bosses and are sought after. It goes as an important networking skill.


It is the contacts we establish that ultimately matters the most. It could be done in a simple way of saying hi to peers or wishing good morning. But, it works more effective when you get a tinge of personal connection with them. It could be done by talking about sports, a native festival or a trendy topic. Thus, get ready to put your networking goggles on.

4.Play a sport
Playing a sport keeps up the team spirit in you. It helps you understand the other person better . It has benefits at every level both college and work, as you play with those people. It helps establishing a good relationship between seniors and yourself, which helps in lot of ways. Ultimately, it helps you stay fit to do whatever you wish. Get Sporty !

There are a lot of competitions that happen often. They could be cultural, entrepreneurial or technical right from. The cool part is the prize money. Moreover, it helps us get an exposure in that topic. The real fun is the time spent with your team in a different place altogether, which doubles the fun. Finally, we get participation certificates which go handy at times.

6.Learn Coding
Coding is something that becomes a necessity at this digital age. Right from a project to a competition, it is often needed. Also, it might serve as a backup for job in the future . So get ready to learn some simple coding languages like C , Java, and more.

7.Social Activities
It is that time of college to get to some voluntary work . We can involve in some social activities like NGO, teaching children, and environment drives to lend a helping hand to others. The best part is the satisfaction which we gain out of it . Also , it has an added advantage . Most of the colleges abroad give importance to this aspect .

8.Speed Reading
10 Ways to Make College Life Productive 5
Reading is necessary but speed reading is important in many aspects . Most of the competitive exams such as GRE , GMAT, CAT , Bank exams have this test of reading as comprehension and answering the questions that follow . On average , a person can read 80 – 100 words per minute but one is required to have a reading speed about 300-400 words per minute to crack such tests. Hence it is very important to develop that it can be done by being a voracious reader. But firstly, it could start with reading newspaper often and regularly.

9.Improving Presentation Skills


No matter how much we might have prepared, it goes all butterflies just before delivering a talk. And thus your presentation skills come in handy at those times. It is usually how the attractiveness of the content and not the text that grabs the attention of the audience. It is necessary to get comfortable with some presentation software. One such is Prezi, which adds beautiful transitions to your slides.

10. CGPA

There goes a quote, often referred by Charles Davidson, “Pain is temporary, CGPA is forever” . Yeah, the sour truth is our CGPA is given importance in our present system. Most companies keep CGPA as a factor to filter out applicants. Not just that, even some internships keep that as an important factor. Hence it becomes important to have a safe CGPA to get into our dream companies.


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