Being an intellectual Indian, you cannot simply love India. We Indians, have so much to be proud of. Our rich culture, our fight for freedom, our contribution to various disciplines, our universities where sloganeering and protests are common , actually not less than riots. Stone pelting is another great thing . So let us check out what everybody is expected to do if he has to prove he loves his country

  • Say that we feel in unsafe in the country

One factor of being a lover of India ,you have to say this line once in a week or else you’ll lose your love. This line has been repeated time and again by many celebrities and students who say that they’re in minority and they’re on the verge of losing their religion. Of course being perfect is being vocal about the “accidents” that are (not) happening with the minority of India.

10 Things To Do If You Love India 1

  • Heckle the reporters who have a pro government approach.

India lovers have a thing in common that they are against the leader today. If by mistake anybody or any “chhota mota” journalist(Yes. Thats the way they’re called ) asks them a genuine question as to why they’re opposing the government, they instantly block his camera and break the mike. They show him his place in few minutes. Damn hard kabir singhs of India.

  • Exchanging media with “modia”

Know what’s happening right now. In a country as big and diverse as India, something or the other is always happening. Go through the newspaper daily to make sure you know the correct facts about an incident. You can also watch the debates on news channels to get a broader viewpoint on a particular subject. Moreover, knowing India’s global stand on an issue is very important. This is secondary because primacy is blaming media to say that it is being paid. Irony is they’ll watch the same media channels after blabbering that it is biased. Hypocrisy!!

10 Things To Do If You Love India 2

  • Fund protests to burn the country

There are certain fundamental duties listed in our constitution. For us, the citizens of India, these are certain obligations and we should not neglect them. But duties aren’t important as such because we have the right to speech, right to protest and pelt stones on police, media and public. What’s the joke? That minorities and students are doing it because they have the right. Burning of public vehicles carrying several people to their destinations is their right. Lovers of India.

10 Things To Do If You Love India 3

  • Question Hindutva

We all have grown up listening to stories of The Ramayana and The Mahabharata. These stories are not only examples of the superb literary works by great Indians but also teaches us right from wrong and hence enhance our morals. Pass these stories to the next generation to keep them alive. But these are hindu books. If you’ll pass on the literature if hindus then you’re a “kattar” and communal hindu and you want to kill everyone who follows another faith. That’s why minority population graph has increased by a percent of 15 since independence.

10 Things To Do If You Love India 4

  •  Dominate a certain ideology by tagging them as “Bhakts”

If you by a minutest of mistake take a government scheme’s stand , you’ll be said to be a bhakt of the leader. Argument cease to exist even after having proofs because you’ll be disgraced infront of few more intellectuals to hate your country. Because the intellectuals know that you’re a bhakt and you don’t love your country and countrymen.

10 Things To Do If You Love India 5


  •  Abuse the Prime Minister

The people who love the country love to abuse the person who has been elected and selected as a public representative and is country’s pride. Cheap abuses hurled at different speeches in rallies and every second person ohh sorry CITIZEN JOURNALIST calls him out for his robbery ( I don’t know what did he rob. Corruption?)

  • Give shout outs to tukde tukde gang

India is a very beautiful country. It has great universities that are world acclaimed for providing best education. But people who love India and its citizens also want freedom from the nation and yes they want Afzal Guru(the person who was responsible for Indian Parliament attacks) to take birth in every home of India and attack indian citizens. They pray that India gets divided and they’re the youth leaders of “navbharat”.

10 Things To Do If You Love India 6

  • Argue with misinformation and cooked up stories.

“If this happens, this will be the consequence”. The government wanted to do something but its plan failed and they found another way to do it. The people show their love by arguing on hypothetical stories that are never true at the ground levels. But you cannot question them on facts because you’re a bhakt and they’re intellectuals.

  • Preach secularism after enjoying reservations on religious grounds

Minorities are in danger and hindus are communal.Wait !what? True secularism is equality to all faiths but for the people who love India , secularism is having a reservation of being a minority and then sloganeering of equality of all religions in a university that provides admission on religious basis.

10 Things To Do If You Love India 7

This is what I got to know about the people who love India. Any other views are always welcomed and it’s okay if you call me BHAKT!!




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