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10 Romantic Places in India You Will Love to Visit

10 Romantic Places in India You Will Love to Visit 4

Have you ever planned to have a date with your partner in some of the exotic and lovely destinations in India? Or are you planning to have a romantic honeymoon with your fiance when you get married? Then here are the top 10 destinations for you to browse. Never miss the chance to surprise the one whom you love.



The lovely beautiful scenic hill station and a former resort for British Raj elite Munnar boasts of a lot of heavenly scenic spots. Munnar is a must-go destination for all Indian love couples because what more do you want when you get to see the Attukal waterfalls, where you can play with water with your partner and click a few photographs to show your buddies and make them envy you. You will find two of the most vibrant beautiful scenic spots of India namely, Anamudi and Devikulam where you and your partner can spend hours together cherishing the love you both share. These are not the only things you will also find, you’ll also find one of the most charming national parks i.e. the Eravikulam National Park. What if you get to see a dam in this heavenly place? It’s a real bonus isn’t it? So don’t miss the bonus scroll with your partner while holding hands and enjoying every moment of it and visit the Mattupetty Dam. Then what more? You can have a houseboat to chill and do whatever you want with your partner because no one is going to spy on you. Getting a lot of beautiful thoughts in your mind? Don’t just dream; book a ticket go to Munnar!

The romantic hill station is waiting for you to be the host of your love and romance. Just keep one thing in mind – with temperature coming down to 11 degree Celsius, winter is regarded by many to be the best time to visit this place.



Do you want to have love and relaxation together? Then I can assure you that Kovalam, a small beach city of Kerala is one of the most ideal places for you to spend a valuable time with your lovely better-half because you get one of the best and peaceful resort with extra-ordinary service in this place and get a lovely and not so populated beach unlike major beaches of India namely, Varkala beach where you can become a baby. You can make small sand embankments and play in sea waves near the shore with your partner which will surely make her giggle like a baby. Then why to miss the lighthouse? Kovalam’s lighthouse looks mesmerizing to the eyes because of the scenic beauty present along with it and it just adds a different taste to that beauty so, never miss clicking few photos of that spot.  Near Kovalam, you have a dam called Aruvvikara Dam which is a popular picnic spot. Never forget to go to Vellayani Lake which looks supremely enchanting in the moonlight. Valiyathura Pier and Edakallu are the popular sunset points so never miss to visit these eye charming sites of this place during the beautiful evening sunset.



Do you want to feel how romantic Switzerland is? Then why to go to Switzerland when you can go to Himachal Pradesh?

Khajjiar, rightly known as ‘The Mini-Switzerland’, is the most ideal place for a couple to visit. Here, you can walk through beautiful pine trees or just move around the lake. While walking never miss the sweet and enticing view of Mount Kailash. The best time to visit Khajjiar is between March and June.



Are you thinking that major romantic beaches in India are highly populated and you and your partner are feeling tough to enjoy there? Then kick out those beaches from your plan and just pack your bags and come Mararikulam because this place is waiting just for couples like you. Enjoy with your partner in one of the most beautiful beach of India and have a peaceful time together. Are you crazy for some sports? Then go for swimming, parasailing and surfing as this beach is considered ideal for these activities. Even some resorts have facilities for volleyball and cycling. Just chill around and have fun with your partner. The most ideal period to visit this place is winter although all periods are lovely in this place.




Coorg, known as ‘The Scotland of India’, is one of most ideal places to visit if you dream to have a candle light in nature’s bed with your charming partner. Go to Iruppu falls and enjoy the beauty of heaven on earth and I can assure you that this place will make you more romantic. What about trekking? Just go to Tadiandamol peak and you can surely go trekking if you have enough stamina for it. Coorg is worth visiting because the exotic romance you can have in that place can be matched with no other place. The best time to visit Coorg is between the months of November to April.



Nainital is the place which will be found in everyone’s mind to visit with their own beloved partner. This is the place where nature loves its own beauty and smiles to become more beautiful and I can assure you that in this place you and your partner can achieve bliss because of the esteemed beauty your eyes will see seems to be never ending and your heart feels the pleasure of it. There are some scenic places which you should never miss if you visit Nainital especially the beautiful Nainital Lake where the sky, land and water bond with each other in a sweet and mesmerizing manner. The other beautiful scenes which your eyes should never miss are that of Sattal, Tiffin Top and Naini Peak. Summer months are usually considered by many as the best time to visit Nainital.




Kodaikanal, known as the ‘Princess of Hill stations’, is considered as the gift of God for its spectacular and romantic scenery. This small place in Tamil Nadu has a lot to offer for romantic love couples as its scenery itself is eye charming and heart pleasing. Kodaikanal lake is considered as the most tourist attracting spot. In this roughly star shaped artificial lake you can hire rowboats and pedalos and have a nice time with the queen of your heart. Beside the lake you also can hire horses and bicycle for short periods. Just near the lake you can go to The Bryant Botanical Park and enjoy the beauty of different variety of plants. Other then these Bear Shola Falls and Green Valley view are a must of for sweet couples who want to fly high in their romantic tours. The best time to visit this place is April to June or August to September.





The place where you find heavy rainfall is one the place which is untouched by the busy metropolitan life. It is free of chaos. The scenes of the place makes you believe that the earth is touching the heaven with its romantic beauty. The rainfall is the love letter of the sky to praise the beauty of the earth. It has many spectacular waterfalls, parks and caves to keep you roaming and that bliss felt by your heart can make you more romantic with your partner and if you need privacy obviously superb and mind-blowing resorts are there in the bed of nature just you need to book a room and go in. Just make sure you never miss the opportunity to enjoy at the  Dainthlen Waterfalls which is the major attraction of Cherrapunji along with the Double Decker Root Bridge. September to May period is regarded as the best time to visit this place.


9. Havelock Islands

Are you wishing to visit a place where there is very less tourist distraction? Do you want to spend a time together with your partner in an island with less chaos and people around you? Then Havelock Islands is the perfect destination for you as the island for you to set the tone of your romantic dream to fly high in the sky. This group of islands in Andaman and Nicobar are not deprived of the scenic beauty as they have one of the most beautiful sights which you can ever see. Scuba diving and snorkeling are the highlights of this gorgeous island. March to May, June to September and October to February are considered as the best period to visit this romantic and gorgeous place.





Shimla is one of the favourites place of Indians. Walk around with your partner through The Ridge, The Mall Road and Summer Hill and then you will understand why its one of the most sought after places for honeymoon in India. This place offers beautiful resorts and holiday homes which are second to none. Enjoying the snowfall in this dream location is the dream of many romantic people. Even Rashtrapati Niwas is here for special pleasure of our President of India which shows why this place can be considered as the park of the heaven present in earth. The best time to visit Shimla and spend a romantic time with your partner is March to May and October to November.



Any places you visit, just remember that the best place in the world to live is always in the heart of your lover.



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