10 Intelligent Ways to Cheat in Exams.

nyu-professor-catches-20-of-his-students-cheating-and-hes-the-one-who-pays-for-it 10 Intelligent Ways to Cheat in Exams.

So, let’s just all be honest.Cheating is not something we are unaware of.We have all done this at least  once in our life time. ( I’m referring to cheating in exams.Cheating of any other kind is a big No-No! ).From small chits to blue tooth watches, the techniques are various. Neil deGrasse Tyson once said “When students cheat on exams it’s because our School System values grades more than students learning something.” Thank you Mr.Tyson for standing up for us.So, today we are going to discuss some highly- intelligent-never-get-caught,ways for cheating.

PS- We would never recommend these ways for major exams.It’s always better to study and pass honestly and gracefully.

10. The classic cheat sheet method

cheating_dreamstime_020130425090007 10 Intelligent Ways to Cheat in Exams.

By far one of the oldest cheating method known to student kind.But there are some important things you should know to make this method an intelligent one.

A.Never take a large sized paper, opt for something like the one in the image.

B.Write the required information in a clear, readable font size.( size shouldn’t be too big or too small).

C. Get rid of the paper as soon as the exam is over.

D.Do not look too suspicious.

However, this method has a high chance of getting caught.So, go ahead and cheat at your risk.


9. The Water Bottle trick.

This technique is pretty neat.All you have to do is copy down information on a piece of paper and stick it to the label of the bottle.As easy as that.There isn’t a high risk of getting caught.You might want to follow the font on the label to escape unscathed.

8.This exam’s so tough method.

Well, do this if you’re not that proud.What’s pride got to do here anyway? You decided to cheat.That’s enough pride down the drains.What you got to do here is to slam your head on the desk in the utmost desperate manner, and sneak into your friend’s paper!

7.Write on your leg.

Wear some loose fitting pants.The type of pants you can pull up.So, write down formulas and other important text on your leg.Sit with your legs crossed and pull up and cheat peeps.

6. Pen Scanners

Pen Scanners click a photo of the question paper and this is sent through a mobile phone connected to the pen scanner to your helper outside.The cheater has a small earpiece which is connected to the mobile phone.The friend calls the cheater on his phone which is on auto answer mode and dictates the answers.If you can go this far you might as well study.

5.Graphing Calculators

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This method is useful for Science and Math exams.So, as you know graphing calculators can help you store data.

Press Program, select New then press Enter.

Name the new program.

Type in your formulas.

To read your notes go to Edit and select the proper one.

Before the exam, the teacher may come and erase your calculator’s memory.To avoid this press the 2nd key then the memory button (“+” button).Next go to “All”.Once you find your notes press Enter.An asterisk will appear which means it’s safe.After the teacher erases the memory go to the menu and you”ll see your notes safe and secure.(You’re welcome).

4. Mechanical Pencil

Mechpencil05 10 Intelligent Ways to Cheat in Exams.



You need a non-see through mechanical pencil that uses thick leads.Remove the eraser and roll up your cheat sheet and put inside the barrel.During the exam, when one piece of lead runs out pretend as if you are putting more in and take a look at your cheat sheet.

3.MP3 Pen (smh)

A pen that can play audio files.What more do you need?Combine your MP3 pen with a Spy Head Set and then play your audio files.It also really looks like a pen.

2.Smart Watches

This might be the most simple method.All you have to do is, first take a picture of your notes on the phone and then sync it with the smart watch.All your images shall be available on the smart watch too.You don’t even have to worry about taking your phone inside the class.Connect it with blue tooth and keep it outside in your bag.During the test, on the smart watch open gallery and you”ll see your notes there!

1.The “Always Works” method.

This method is perfect.It always works, and the risk of getting caught is zero! It’s pretty simple.All you’ve got to do is take the text book assigned to you, by your teacher and choose one pen.Open the text book, and take the portion you have to learn for your exam and you ACTUALLY study! See? So easy!

So, that’s it people and all the very best for your exams.

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