10 Best Fashion Tips for Girls Glued to Phone!

If fashion for you is art, culture, history and everything you love combined, you’re at the right place. Here’s a list of 10 best fashion apps you MUST download. Treat yourself with these gorgeously satisfactory applications and make your wardrobe shine even brighter.

 FAD- The Ultimate Fashion Dictionary
FAD 10 Best Fashion Tips for Girls Glued to Phone!
FAD is the first comprehensive Fashion Dictionary App available. Over 1,400 entries give you explanations of anything fashion related from Labels and Retail Stores to Fabrics and Sewing. A special Jargon chapter gets you hooked up with today’s most common fashion lingo. Hence, FAD caters to Fashion Workers and Fashionistas alike. With its offline feature, this App will serve you as a tremendous fashion cheat sheet anywhere you go.

2) PS Dept
Screenshot-2014-04-09-16.53.06-660x330 10 Best Fashion Tips for Girls Glued to Phone!
P S Dept gives you the pleasure to get expert service from your own team of personal shoppers. Yes, you read that right. This app helps you find what you are looking for, style the perfect look for any occasion, and have it delivered to your doorstep. PS Dept. will bend over backward to find what you need with priority access and the best service policy possible. Don’t have a specific request or look you need help with? Check the feed to see the latest items they’ve tracked down, answers to top styling requests and what’s trending across their customers.

3) Mallzee
mallzee-app-screenshots 10 Best Fashion Tips for Girls Glued to Phone!
Mallzee takes a Tinder-approach to mobile shopping, allowing users to peruse over 40 fashion brands. You can curate your favorite pieces into different style feeds like “Work Outfits” or “Girl’s Night Out” to organize your shopping wish lists. Mallzee also sends price drop notifications on all the items you like, so you’ll be notified as soon as that Alexander Wang bag you’ve been coveting gets marked down.

4) Stylect

Stylect 10 Best Fashion Tips for Girls Glued to Phone!

It’s okay to love your shoes more than your boyfriend. This is the perfect app for the shoe lovers out there! Stylect is an app to find your perfect shoes and discover amazing discounts. They provide more than 300,000 shoes from brands around the world such as Louboutin, Prada, Louis Vuitton, TopShop, Nike, Asos, H&M and many more. Keep track of your likes in the wishlist and buy your favorite products. Stylect also sends notifications when the shoes you liked go on sale.

 5) Keep Shopping

to-buy-followers-on-instagram-you-get-a-shopping-app-called-keep 10 Best Fashion Tips for Girls Glued to Phone!


Three words: universal shopping cart. The Keep Shopping app launched the world’s first mobile universal shopping cart that allows you to purchase from any brand or store all in one checkout. Through the app, users can browse Keep’s curated products or explore the entire web, adding any product from any store to the same cart.

6) Polyvore

y 10 Best Fashion Tips for Girls Glued to Phone!

If you’re ever in an “I have nothing to wear” mood, this app is your go-to. Polyvore offers endless style inspiration by allowing users to create shoppable collages by mixing and matches products. Not only can you create your own stylish outfit collages, you can also search through collages created by others.Going hand-in-hand with your mood boards, Polyvore’s shopping section allows you to filter through by color, size, product style, brand, store and more

7) Etsy

etsy 10 Best Fashion Tips for Girls Glued to Phone!
Etsy is one of those sites that is a sanctuary for hipster style. Pretty much everything on sale on Etsy is limited run, limited edition, or one of a kind and that’s the kind of stuff that drive some fashion-minded people nuts. More often than not you’ll find jewelry and other accessories but there are some clothing items strewn about. It currently boasts around 800,000 artists selling over 17 million unique items and one of those may be a permanent addition to your fashion inventory.

8) Instagram

instagram 10 Best Fashion Tips for Girls Glued to Phone!

If you want to be virtually in the room with the world’s most stylish celebrities, this is the one. The coolest fashion kids, from Charlotte Olympia to Cara Delevingne cannot get enough.
Instagram has become a new platform for bloggers. You may discover many different fashion bloggers with different styles and follow them.

 9) Pose
pose 10 Best Fashion Tips for Girls Glued to Phone!
With Pose you can see what others are wearing on any given day based on the weather for—a dinner party, a bridal shower, a day at the office and more. Pose provides your daily weather while also giving you outfit inspiration based on the forecast. To further filter your search you can browse outfit. Pictures based on the occasion you’re dressing or location.

10) Covet
covet-4 10 Best Fashion Tips for Girls Glued to Phone!
Free. You can express your unique style by shopping for fabulous items to fill your closet, putting together looks for different style challenges and voting on other players’ looks. You win exclusive in-game prizes for your looks. Also, you can shop for your favorite Covet Fashion items in real life. All of the clothing and accessory items featured link to places where you can buy them for your real life closet. Not only can you discover new brands and trends, you can own them, too!

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