Innovation and Talent: Here’s a Business Made out of Cow Dung!


Manure is possibly the most denounced and humiliation-driven thing in the entire universe, but team it up with some experimental analysis and the talent to layout, feces can crack out of its stigmatic prestige and turn into astonishing, exquisite work of art

A museum full of, umm… cow dung!

So, around seventy kilometers southward, outside Milan, is a museum, literally full of shit, and it is so much more than toilet jokes. The Museum, Museo Della Merda is actually an experimentation provision and feces storehouse which transforms poignant chunks of cow manure into ceramics and scientific designs.

Museo Della Merda, the dung museum was found in 2015 by, inside an antique citadel. The enterprise is the brainchild of  Gianantonio Locatelli. The museum uses the dung excess of the three thousand five hundred cows who produce around 220000 pounds of droppings, owned by Gianantonio Locatelli in a fascinating positive manner. The cows apart from giving dung also provide Locatelli with around one thousand seven hundred forty-seven gallons of milk which are supplied to the Padona cheese company. Locatelli preserves all the scrap from different projects, his field extricates methane which is used to manufacture electricity, also sold by the museum; but none of the things compeer the popularity his ‘Merdacotta’ enjoys, which basically is sophisticatedly congregated cow dung.

Gianantonio Locatelli and architect Cipitelli develop the dung clumps to produce furniture (such as table chair, bookshelves, etc), crockeries and vessels. Locatelli and Cipitelli fuse their main ingredient (cow dung) with Tuscan clay for credible varnishing. The final product after the process is called ‘Merdacotta Variant’, which if you transcribe to English, basically means, ‘Baked Shit’.

“agency for change”

The innovative idea and eye for design have brought in the museum a lot of appraisal and acclamation and it has also earned the founders and award at Milan design week. The administration of the museum defines itself as an “agency for change”. The museum also incorporates exhibitions imparting education about droppings in history, culture, and technology.


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